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7: Thousand Wars (セブン サウザンドウォーズ Sebun Sauzando Wōzu?) is a mobile social game released on October 21, 2011 by Namco and AdWays. When the service started, the application was dedicated to iPhone, but it later received Android support. However, some features and specifications implemented in the iPhone version were absent in the Android version.

The game was based on the "Almethera Chronicle", being considered "Season I" of the game, which ends when the seven main characters started aging in the story. Gameplay-wise the playable characters don't age, and everything obtained in "Season I" could be transferred to "Season II", which added characters of different rarity. The "Season I" service ended in 2013, with only "Season II" being available afterwards.

"Season II" included new elements such as various quests, allied teams and stadiums, PvP, guild battles, and character enhancements. It is a basic free to play game, but some items and functions required money to be obtained. The "Season II" service ended on March 7, 2016.[1]

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