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Amazona (アマゾーナ?) is a boss from the game Wonder Momo. Amazona is a character in the popular show Wonder Momo from Namco Theater, where she is the only woman from the Warudemon army and Wonder Momo's rival.

In the beginning of volume 3 act 1, a Modokey is shown caring an unnamed schoolgirl and Momo tries to rescue her. In act 3, Momo finds the schoolgirl, but she transforms into Amazona and fights against her. In the end of volume 3 act 4, the schoolgirl appears and thanks Momo for rescuing her. Amazona also appears in volume 4 act 2. It's unknown if the schoolgirl was transformed into Amazona by the Warudemon army or Amazona was pretending to be the schoolgirl to fool Momo.

In the webcomic, it's revealed that she was finally defeated by Wonder Momo resulting in her power orb falling into the hands of Akiho Matsuo who becomes a new heroic Amazona (but still Wonder Momo's rival).

Other appearances[]

Amazona appears in the crossover Namco × Capcom, where she was enchanted by the demon Druaga to be evil and work for him. She tries to captured Momo, treating harm her if she doesn't, but Bravoman saves her and explains to Momo how to transform into a real Wonder Momo. Momo joins the heroes to help her friend return to normal by defeating Druaga, fighting against her several times. Amazona is placed under Lord Raptor's command and helps him collect souls for Druaga. It is assumed she returns to normal in the end of the game.