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Gamagaeru from Shadow Land.

Amphibians are a class of vertebrate animals including animals such as frogs, toads, caecilians, salamanders, and newts. They are characterized as non-amniote ectothermic (or cold-blooded) tetrapods. Most Amphibians undergo metamorphosis from a juvenile water-breathing form to an adult air-breathing form, but some are paedomorphs that retain the juvenile water-breathing form throughout life. Below are amphibians that appear in Namco media as characters and enemies.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Babylonian Castle Saga[edit | edit source]

In Seme COM Dungeon: Druruaga, a Giant Toad is a poisonous enemy that appears in some stages. If the player acquires the Giant Toad Spell Card, they can used as allies.

Shadow Land[edit | edit source]

Chou Gaeru[edit | edit source]

Chou Gaeru (小ガエル "Little Frog"?) is a common, weak enemy in the game. They fall from the top of the screen and hop around slowly, causing little damage to Tarosuke and being defeated with a single attack. They are also the only enemy that can be defeat by jumping on them.

Gamagaeru[edit | edit source]


Gamagaeru (ガマガエル?), also known as Gama (ガマ? "Toad") is a large toad that appears in the small island in the center of the first stage, Jigoku Iriguchi. When defeated, he reveals Gama Oyabun's dice dojo to Tarosuke.

In the crossover Namco × Capcom, several Gamagaerus from the Makai appear as enemies.

Gama Oyabun[edit | edit source]

Gama Oyabun (ガマ親分? "Toad Boss") is a red toad with an eyepatch that owns a Chō-han dice dojo in Jigoku Iriguchi.

The Gama Oyabun also appears in Namco × Capcom.

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