Anu in The Blue Crystal Rod

Anu (アヌ) is the god of the sky and the king of the gods. He created the Blue Crystal Rod as an answer to the faith of the people from Babylim. When the Sumer Empire invaded Babylim and built a tower to reach the rod, Anu struck a lightning in the tower, which was later rebuilt and taken by the demon Druaga along with the Blue Crystal Rod.


The Blue Crystal RodEdit

Ishtar gives Gilgamesh and Ki the task to return the Blue Crystal Rod to heaven, giving it to Anu in most endings. As the story changes depending of the player's actions, other endings include Gil and Ki not giving the Blue Crystal Rod to Anu, or Gil fighting against Anu and becoming a statue.

The Nightmare of Druaga: Fushigino DungeonEdit

After completing the game, Gil decides to return the Blue Crystal Rod to heaven, Anu appearing in the end of the bonus dungeon.

Seme COM Dungeon: DrururuagaEdit

One of the initial decks are named after him, which contains eight cards: Mage, Goblin, Green Slime, Black Slime, Dagger, Red Line Armor, Leather Glove, and Potion of Healing.

The Spell Card "Summons on Anu" summons him to cause 30 damage to all characters in the room, both allies and enemies. He is also mentioned in some parts of the story.

Druaga Online: The Story of AonEdit

Anu appears in the beginning of Walküre's story, where he takes away her divine powers due to Walküre wanting to go to Aon and help, refusing to allow gods to interfere.


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