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Baraduke (バラデューク) is an Japan-only action shooter game originally released for arcade in 1985 and later ported for Sharp X68000 and Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console. The game is also part of the collections Namco Museum Vol. 5 for PlayStation and Namco Museum Virtual Arcade for Xbox 360. A sequel, Bakutotsu Kijūtei, was released in 1988.


The player controls a space fighter, Kissy as player 1 and Takky as player 2, to save the small one-eyed aliens called Paccet from the Octi. The game has 48 stages that are separate in 8 floors, each with 5 normal stages and a boss stage.



Sm1508669 - ナムコの伝説 ナムコプロモーションビデオ集

Sm1508669 - ナムコの伝説 ナムコプロモーションビデオ集. Namco Arcade PV

Video from the Namco Museum 5.

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