Benjamin Ōkubo Hikozaemon (ベンジャミン大久保彦左衛門?) is a boss from the game Bravoman. Benjamin is a heavy metal ninja android created by Dr. Bomb that attacks by throwing blades. In later stages Bravoman fights against two Benjamins at the same time. Benjamin also appears as a boss in Bravoman: Binja Bash! and as an enemy in the crossover game Namco × Capcom.



Benjamin in the Bravoman webcomic.

Benjamin appears in the Bravoman webcomic, where he is a cyborg ninja that uses a keytar sword as weapon. At first he could only make musical sounds, but later in the series he gained the ability to talk. Dr. Bomb used Benjamin as a template for his army of massproduced robot ninjas, the Binjas.

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Binjas in the Bravoman webcomic.

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