Black Berabou Man

Artwork of Black Bravoman from the Japanese manual.

Black Bravoman (ブラックベラボーマン Burakku Berabōman?, "Black Beraboh Man"), Black Bravo for short, is a character from the game Bravoman that appears as a boss in several stages. He has the same powers as Bravoman. In the last stage, he reveals that he fought Bravoman to train him, and gives him a recovery item before the final boss, Dr. Bomb.

He is an unlockable playable character in Bravoman: Binja Bash!.

In Namco × Capcom, his true identity is a salaryman named Myōshima (妙島?) that works to "Miro Insurance" (ミロ保険?), an insurance company rival to Bravoman's company. He is determined to defeat Bravoman.


BM146 The-Origin-Of-Anti-Bravoman


In the Bravoman webcomic, Black Bravo is named Anti-Bravoman and was accidentally created by Dr. Bomb with anti-particles when Bravoman gained his powers. Anti-Bravo was raised as Dr. Bomb's son.

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