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Artwork of Black Bravoman from the Japanese manual.

Black Bravoman (ブラックベラボーマン Burakku Berabōman?, "Black Beraboh Man"), Black Bravo for short, is a character from the game Bravoman that appears as a boss in several stages. He has the same powers as Bravoman. In the last stage, he reveals that he fought Bravoman to train him, and gives him a recovery item before the final boss, Dr. Bomb.

He is an unlockable playable character in Bravoman: Binja Bash!.

In Namco × Capcom, his true identity is a salaryman named Myōshima (妙島?) that works to "Miro Insurance" (ミロ保険?), an insurance company rival to Bravoman's company. He is determined to defeat Bravoman.



In the Bravoman webcomic, Black Bravo is named Anti-Bravoman and was accidentally created by Dr. Bomb with anti-particles when Bravoman gained his powers. Anti-Bravo was raised as Dr. Bomb's son.