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Bravoman in Namco × Capcom

Bravoman, known as Beraboh Man (ベラボーマン Berabouman?) in Japan, is the main character from the game Bravoman.


Arnold, known as Hitoshi Nakamura (中村等 Nakamura Hitoshi?) in Japan, is a mild-mannered salaryman with wife and two children that gained the ability to change into the superhero Bravoman from the alien Alpha Man to stop the evil scientist Dr. Bomb and his army of robots.

Appearances in other games

Bravoman is a playable character in the crossover Namco × Capcom, were he is teamed up with Wonder Momo. Bravoman first appears in Chapter 1 to save Momo from Amazona, and taught her how to change into Wonder Momo.

Bravoman also appears as a playable character in the games Namco Super Wars, Namco Chronicle, Family Tennis Advance and Famista 2011. He has cameo appearances in Marvel Land and some Namco Museum games.

Other media

Bravoman's origin in the webcomic.

Bravoman is the main character from ShiftyLook's Bravoman webcomic. He is quick to accept his new superhero gig, and is just enjoying the ride.

Powers and abilities

  • Bravo Punch (ベラボーパンチ) - Bravoman's standard attack, he attacks with a long range punch by stretching his arm. In the game Bravoman he punches when in land and during a short jump.
  • Bravo Kick (ベラボーキック) - Bravoman attacks with a long range kick. In the game Bravoman, he attacks with a long diagonal kick when the directional button up is held, and he kicks forward when jumping.
  • Bravo Head Butt (ベラボーヘッドバット) - When crawling, Bravoman attacks with a headbutt by stretching his neck.
  • Bravo Jump (ベラボージャンプ) - Bravoman can jump to reach high places and avoid low attacks.
    • Bravo High Jump - Bravoman can jump higher than normal when he uses a Bravo Kick repeatedly while jumping.
  • Bravo Crawl - Bravoman is able to crawl to avoid high attacks and pass through narrow passages.

When underwater, Bravoman changes into Sea Bravoman (シーベラボー) and is able to attack with missiles.



  • Bravoman's real identity, Hitoshi Nakamura, is based on Masaya Nakamura, the founder of Namco.[1]