Cobra the Arcade.

Cobra the Arcade (コブラ・ザ・アーケード?) is a shooting arcade game based on the Cobra series released by Namco in 2005.


StageArea 1 bossArea 2 bossArea 1 Hidden ItemArea 2 Hidden Item
Story 1: Shadow of Casino Tower CyberwolfCrystal Bowie Pac-ManUketsuke Komachi
Story 2: Sneaking Into the Underground Base The ExecutionersTurvage Taizo HoriPooka
Story 3: Battle in the Snowy Land IronheadZoros Boss GalaxianBoss Galaga
Story 4: The Treasure's Secret King BabelUltimate Weapon GilKi
Story 5: Classic Rival, Crystal Bowie! Black SheepCrystal Bowie SolvalouSpecial Flag


Cobra the Arcade promo
Cobra The Arcade Promo

Cobra The Arcade Promo

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