Crab Fencer

Crab Fencer (クラブフェンサー Kurabu Fensā?) is the first boss from the game Wonder Momo, and two Crab Fencers appear in stages 3-1 and 3-3. In the popular Wonder Momo show from Namco Theater, Crab Fencer is a monster from the Warudemon army that has chelae as hands. In the arcade version he appears in the ending alongside Momo, Tirano, Jugrock and two Modokeys to thank the public.

Other appearancesEdit

In the crossover Namco × Capcom, some of Druaga's minions use the costumes and abilities of Crab Fencers and Cannon Potters. In the game Crab Fencers are voiced by Takahiro Yoshino.

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