Dig Dug Island

Dig Dug Island: The South Island Pukapukapon
Developer Verctor
Publisher Verx
Date release May 8 2007
Shut down February 28 2009

Dig Dug Island (ディグダグアイランド南の島のプクプクポン: Pukupukupon of the island of Dig Dug Island south), is a PC game develop by Vector (Verx), it's a game from the original Dig Dug, and Dig Dug II.




The small tropical islands was turn into a desert, and ice. The Pookas and Fygars, invades the islands, the member of the Dig Dug Islander Team have came to wipe out the monsters out.

Create a land.

Invite an islander friend to chat and play in the field.

Closed message

Dig Dug Island - The closed message

Dig Dug Island Closed message


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