The Driller Council (ドリラー評議会), also called Driller's Association in Dig Dug: Digging Strike, is the highest level of Driller Government from the Mr. Driller series.

Known membersEdit

  • Taizo Hori - Head of the council.
  • Susumu Hori - The highest ranked Driller in the world.
  • Anna Hottenmeyer - An elite Driller.
  • Puchi - Susumu's talking dog.
  • Holinger-Z - A robot created by Dr. Z.
  • Dr. Z - A scientist from the Driller Research Institute.
  • Professor Horiguchi
  • Pochi - The ghostly ancestor of Puchi.
  • Kumachan Man - A superhero.
  • Mae-G - A master of disguise.
  • ESP'er Carpaccio - Has the power of teleportation.
  • Spica - A witch.
  • Packard - A prophet.
  • Balzac - A vampire.
  • Dongoro - A android with encyclopedic memory.
  • George - A cyborg in the same class as Ataru.


  • Drill: A highly efficient drill used by Drillers. It runs on electromagnetic power so it can dig forever.
  • Drill Suit and Helmet: Special equipment that protects Drillers. Developed at the Driller Research Institute.
  • Clone Driller: Clones created at the Driller Research Institute. They have the same abilities as the donor Drillers.


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