Emotional Toy (エモーショナル・トイ?) is a series of toys released by Namco in Japan between 1985 and 1987.


Only four toys were made. All of them appeared as equipment items in the game Namco × Capcom.


Ryōma-kun (龍馬くん?) is a samurai with blue clothes released in 1985 apparently based on Sakamoto Ryōma. When his sword is pulled, he randomly says one out of four encouragement messages. The toy was rereleased in 2009 with two additional quotes.

Ryōma-kun has cameo appearances in some of the Namco Museum game compilations.

Ganko ShokuninEdit


Ganko Shokunin

Ganko Shokunin (がんこ職人? lit. "Stubborn Artisan") is a talking toy released in 1986. Like the original Ryōma-kun, he has four messages.

Ganko Shokunin appears as an enemy in the 80th floor of the game The Quest of Ki, where he stands still saying interjections (こらっ, てい!! and おい!).

"Silence Stone"Edit

"Silence Stone" (静寂石?) is a toy released in 1986.




Waganizer (ワギャナイザー Wagyanaizā?) is a 1987 electronic toy based on the power-up from the Wagan Land series. It can record voices and reproduces them louder.

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