The Eye of Atamoni (神の眼? "Eye of God") is a gigantic Lens from Tales of Destiny with about 20 feet in diameter that has enough power to destroy the world. The world once was on the brink of disaster because of it's power. To avoid it being misused, it was hidden and kept in the confines of the remote Straylize Temple in Seinegald.

In the events of Tales of Destiny, Leon Magnus, Stahn Aileron, Rutee Katrea, and Mary, are sent to the temple to investigate the Eye of Atamoni, but when they arrive they discover it was stolen by the High Priest Lydon Bernhardt and taken to the Straylize Temple in Kalviola. The party discovers its location, but when they arrive they discover that the Eye of Atamoni was sent to the Fitzgald region. After a long search, the party confronts Lydon and recover the Eye of Atamoni, returning it to the temple in Seinegald. Some time later, the Eye of Atamoni is stolen again, and it was later destroyed.

The Eye of Atamoni also appears in the crossover Namco × Capcom, were it was stolen by Black Valkyrie.

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