Original Fygar sprite from the Dig Dug arcade game

A Fygar (ファイガー Faigā?) is one of the two enemies in Dig Dug, along with the Pooka. They are green dragons that follow Taizo Hori and occasionally breathe fire. In game they have red wings and on the cabinet art they have yellow wings.


  • Fygar first appeared in Dig Dug, and is also present in Dig Dug II and Dig Dug: Digging Strike.
  • In Mr. Driller A, the original Fygar and two varieties named "Fygar the Great" (ファイガー・ザ・グレート) and "King Fygar" (キングファイガー) appear as enemies inside buildings.
  • Fygar is a playable character in Pac-Man World Rally.
  • Fygar has cameo appearances in Wreck-It Ralph walking in the Game Central alongside Pooka.


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