Original Fygar sprite from the Dig Dug arcade game

A Fygar (ファイガー Faigā?) is one of the two enemies in Dig Dug, along with the Pooka. They are green dragon-like creatures that follow Taizo Hori and occasionally breathe fire.


  • Fygar first appeared in Dig Dug, and is also present in Dig Dug II and Dig Dug: Digging Strike.
  • In Mr. Driller A, the original Fygar and two varieties named "Fygar the Great" (ファイガー・ザ・グレート) and "King Fygar" (キングファイガー) appear as enemies inside buildings.
  • Fygar is a playable character in Pac-Man World Rally.
  • Fygar has cameo appearances in Wreck-It Ralph walking in the Game Central alongside Pooka.


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