Hiromi in Namco × Capcom

Hiromi Tengenji (天現寺ひろみ Tengenji Hiromi?) is the protagonist from the game Burning Force. In the game she rides the air bike SIGN DUCK and takes her final exam to become a space fighter.

Appearances in other gamesEdit

In the crossover Namco × Capcom, Hiromi is a character from the Distant Future. She is a calm and cheerful member of the United Galaxy Space Force (U.G.S.F.) and is partnered with her superior Masuyo Tobi. When they were after the pirate Tron Bonne in a planet in Prologue 3, they are all suddenly sent to the Spiritual World by a dimensional transfer, and work together with Tron until they find a way to leave the dimension. In Chapter 12 they manage to find Tron Bonne's airship, the Gesellschaft, by following the energy signature of its engine. The player's party also detect the energy and finds them, and they join the group. Hiromi can use the Multiple Assault Dead Heat Throttle with Guntz, were they attack with their bikes.

In the semi-official game Namco High, Hiromi is one of the students you can develop a relationship with.

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