The Imperial Regalia in Namco × Capcom.

The Imperial Regalia of Japan (三種の神器 Sanshu no Jingi?) are three sacred treasures from Japanese mythology that appear in the games Genpei Tōma Den and Namco × Capcom. Taira no Kagekiyo must obtain them to be able to defeat his nemesis, Minamoto no Yoritomo.

Yasakani no MagatamiEdit

Yasakani no Magatami (八坂瓊曲玉?) is a curved bead that represents benevolence. In Genpei Tōma Den it is located in Settsu and prevents damage from poison. In Namco × Capcom, Kagekiyo obtains it from Otohime in the beginning of Chapter 14.

Yata no KagamiEdit

Yata no Kagami (八咫鏡?) is a sacred mirror that represents wisdom. In Genpei Tōma Den it is located in Echizen and makes Kagekiyo invulnerable to electric attacks. In Namco × Capcom Kagekiyo finds it inside the Blue Worm in the end of Chapter 30.

Kusanagi no TsurugiEdit

Kusanagi no Tsurugi (草薙剣?) is a legendary Japanese sword (analogous to the British Excalibur) that represents valor. In Genpei Tōma Den it is located in Shinano and prevents Kagekiyo's sword power from going down. In Namco × Capcom, Kagekiyo obtains the sword in Chapter 36 when fighting against Yoritomo in the Tower of Druaga, and with the three treasures is able to defeat him.