Jikuu Yuten Debias

Jikuu Yuuden Debias cover

Jikuu Yuuden Debias (時空勇伝デビアス? roughly "Space-Time Hero Legend Debias") is an action RPG video game published by Namco for Famicom (Nintendo Entertainment System) in 1987.


Controlling the hero character, the player defeats monsters using weapons such as swords and bombs. Monsters drop GOLD, which is used to buy items at shops.

If LIFE reaches 0, the game is over. It is possible to continue many times, but GOLD and TECH are halved after using a continue.

In addition, the game has a day and night concept in Arumata City similar to Konami's Castlevania II: Simon's Quest. The townspeople walk in the day time and the hero is not exposed to danger. Of note, it is possible to be killed by the townspeople, and there is a possibility of the player being unable to proceed if the king gets angry early in the game. At night time, an eerie music plays and monsters appear. The townspeople hide from them and all town facilities are unusable.

There are three dungeons named the "Makyo of Water", "Makyo of Earth", and "Makyo of Fire" containing a Gorgon boss in each.

This game has multiple endings.


The main character is the reincarnation of the legendary warrior Debias, who must save the Arumata kingdom from the rule of the Devil and three Gorgons.


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