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Kaijuu_Monogatari (貝獣物語?) is a Role-Playing video game published by Namco for Famicom(Nintendo Entertainment System) in 1989. Development is Birthday. The English Title is "SHELL SAURS STORY". Since then, it has been made into a series, and the sequel is mainly released by Hudson Soft.


A total of four people, the Protagonist Fire's shell Boy (default name: Rickey) and the dismembered "shell beasts" Kupikupi and Poyon and Bab, will join forces to take an adventure to defeat the Demon King Fat Badger.

In addition to the ROM cassette and instructions, this work included a character figure of four Protagonists, a world map of the game, and a sealed letter called "Tears of Secrets".

On August 20, 2020, the NES version was ported and distributed as an additional DLC for the Nintendo Switch software "Namcot Collection".


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