Kyuju Kyu (九十九, Kyū jū Kyū?) is the final boss from Namco × Capcom, a being sealed in the Abyss of Time ten years before the game. The Tsukomo Project culminates with its release, Saya. It has deep ties with the Arisu clan, Reiji Arisu. It had to cut itself in half to be able to escape, due to Reiji shooting Saya. In Project X Zone 2, it turns out that its destruction at the end of Namco x Capcom left 101 shards across various dimensions and that it was supposed to be the trigger on the Centipex. However, its prototype Byaku Shin evolved and used 2 of Kyuju Kyu's shards to make herself a new body.

LV 60
HP 47000
MP 276

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