Marvel Land

Marvel Land in Walküre no Bōken: Toki no Kagi Densetsu (Namco Anthology 2 version)

Walkure no Bouken map

Marvel Land in Walküre no Bōken: Toki no Kagi Densetsu

Marvel Land (マーベルランド Māberu Rando?) is the main setting from the Valkyrie video game series.


Note that as many names are available only in Japanese, several of the names in English are unofficial translations.

Country of BeginningEdit

Country of Beginning (はじまりの国 Hajimari no Kuni?) is the starting point from Walküre no Bōken: Toki no Kagi Densetsu, in the southwest of the game's map. It is a green region with several forests and a mountain range. Valkyrie descends from heaven here and fights against a Scissors before leaving to the Afa Continent with a ship.

  • Enrique Port Town (エンリケ族の港町?) - A harbor town that was captured by Tattas. Vakyrie helps the residents to free the town, and afterwards she uses a ship to travel to the Afa Continent. In the original version of the game this area only contains a wharf.
  • Rank Peninsula (かんむり岬 Kanmuri Misaki?) - The peninsula where the Enrique Port Town is located.
  • Enrique Campsite (エンリケ族のキャンプ場?) - A shelter for residents that escaped from the Enrique Port Town after its capture.

Afa ContinentEdit

Afa Continent (アファ大陸 Afa Tairiku?) is the largest landmass in Walküre no Bōken: Toki no Kagi Densetsu. After leaving the Country of Beginning, Valkyrie arrives in the northwest. The west contains a green region, the center is covered by a large desert, and the east contains the Caldera Region.

  • Tatta Tribe Village (タッタ族の集落?) - A tribal village of Tattas in the west of the continent.
  • Evil Forest (邪悪の森 Jaaku no Mori?) - Also known as Forest of the Tree Spirit (こだまの森 Kodama no Mori?). A large forest ruled by a Trent, an elder tree spirit that was gentle before Zouna's release. Now the forest is a dangerous place, and whoever enters it never returns. In the original version this area has a Warp Zone.
  • Ohahoha Mountains (オハホハ山地?) - Northern mountain range with a lake, from which a river flows. In the Namco Anthology 2 version it contains a ziggurat ruled by the King of the New Moon.
  • Alsandra Mountain (アルサンドラ山 Arusandora Yama?) - A mountain with a large amount of lava inside. There is a Koakuman village in its base, which is the homeland of Sabine and Andy. The King of the Crescent Moon ruled from the top of the mountain.

Endless DesertEdit

Endless Desert (えんえん砂漠 En'en Sabaku?) is a large desert that covers the central part of the Afa Continent. A pyramid is hidden in the desert, and Zouna uses Black Sandras to protect it. This is the place where Valkyrie met Kurino for the first time.

  • Bottomless Desert (底なし砂漠?) - A region from the desert with pitfalls.

Pyramid (ピラミッド Piramiddo?) is a huge structure in the south of the Endless Desert that is used to produce Robotians for Zouna. Its interior is like a maze and contains many traps. The pyramid also appeared in Namco × Capcom and Project X Zone.

The original version of Walküre no Bōken had two pyramids, the second one being in the north of the desert, and both require a "Soul of Sandra" to be accessed. The ziggurat from the King of the New Moon may be a replacement for the northern pyramid.

Caldera RegionEdit

Caldera Region (カルデラ地方 Karudera Chihō?) is a mountainous area to the east of the Endless Desert. The region is ruled by Princess Tiana.

  • Zuruzuru Swamp (ズルズル沼 Zuruzuru Numa?) - A swamp between the Endless Desert and the Caldera Region. The bridge is fragile and may break, resulting in a fall in the swamp. The Namco Anthology 2 version replaced it by a long suspension bridge in a valley.
  • Prairie of Happiness (うれしヶ原?) -

A plain reached by crossing the Zuruzuru Swamp. To the north is the Caldera Castle.

  • Caldera Castle (カルデラ城?) -
  • Caldera Mountain Range (カルデラ山脈?) - The mountains were the Makkou Kujira got stranded after getting caught in a tsunami.
  • Forest of the Limit (果ての森?) - A forest in the northwest of the Caldera Region. This area is where Valkyrie creates a rainbow bridge to reach the Makkou Continent.
  • Zul Land (ズールの国 Zūru no Kuni?) - An area in the north of the Caldera Region from the original version of the game where Zuls live.

Makkou ContinentEdit

Makkou Continent (マッコウ大陸 Makkou Tairiku?) is a snowy area in the northern part of the continent on the eastern side of the map.

  • Sphinmoth's Border - A large wall dividing the Makkou Continent and Fulltasia. Valkyrie must have a tiara to pass. In the original version it is known as the Lion's Gate.
  • Hero's Tower (?) - A tower in the northeast of the continent. The Tiara of Courage is guarded here. In the original version the tiara is located in the middle of large swamp that covers the east of the continent.


Fulltasia (フルータジア Furūtajia?), also known as the "Country of Wealth" (富の国?), is the southern part of the continent on the eastern side of the map.

  • Fulltasia Castle (フルータジア城?) - It was once a castle that prospered with immense wealth, but it was destroyed by demons after the return of Zouna. In the original version it is in ruins and cannot be entered. In the arranged version, Valkyrie enters the castle and it appears to be glamorous at first glance, with many friendly persons and a kappa orchestra. However, Valkyrie discovers that, except for Zul and the kappa orchestra, all persons present are Robotians and monsters disguised by an illusion to keep Vakyrie stuck in the area.

Zouna's IslandEdit

Zouna's Island (ゾウナの島 Zouna no Shima?) is an island located to the west of Fulltasia. It is the final destination from Walküre no Bōken: Toki no Kagi Densetsu, where Valkyrie enters Zouna's Castle (ゾウナの居城?) to stop Zouna, sealing Zouna with the Key of Time. The island is not shown in the map included with the Famicom version.

Common areasEdit

  • Adventurer's Inn (冒険者の宿?) - Inns found around the map in the original version of Walküre no Bōken: Toki no Kagi Densetsu. The player can rest here to recover health and a obtain a password to continue the game.
  • Stone Monument of Time (時の石碑?) - Stone circles from the Namco Anthology 2 version that can be used to save the game progress.
  • Sandra's Shop (サンドラの店?) - Shops run by Sandras that can be found around the map or hidden in certain areas in the original version of Walküre no Bōken. In later games the shops are replaced by the travelling merchant Zul.
  • Warp Zone (ワープゾーン?) - A stone monument that can be used to warp to four locations. Its destinations change if Valkyrie has the tiara from the Makkou Continent. In the original version of Walküre no Bōken there is one in the Country of Beginning and three in the Afa Continent. Also appeared in The Glory of Walküre as a way to change the map.
  • Well (井戸?) - The entrance of an underground dungeon. The original game has one in the Country of Beginning and three in the Afa Continent.
  • Wharf (波止場?) - Areas from the original game where Valkyrie can use a ship or call for the whale for seafaring.

Other locationsEdit

  • Lorelei Sea (ローレライ海 Rōrerai Kai?, named Sea of Sirrah in Whirlo) - Sea from the Afa Continent where Kurino fought against pirates in Sandra no Daibōken.

Walküre no DensetsuEdit

  • Sand Land - The first stage. See Afa Continent for more details.
  • Land of Flames (炎の大地?) -
  • Magma Cave (マグマの洞窟?) - A cave filled with magma.
  • Golden Castle (黄金の城跡?) - A castle where Valkyrie fights against Elecman/Electroman. This castle also appeared in Project X Zone.
  • Faraway Village (さいはての村?) -
  • Ice Cave (氷の洞窟?) -
  • Northern Land (北の大地?) - Sphinmoth.
  • Earth's Interior (地球内部?) - The final stage.

The Glory of WalküreEdit

  • Plains of Beginning (始まりの平原?) - The first stage from The Glory of Walküre, located southwest of the Endless Desert.
  • Sand Land Meadow (サンドランド草原?) - An area from The Glory of Walküre located southeast of the Endless Desert.
  • Hideout of the Heretic Tattas (邪教タッタのアジト?) - Area from The Glory of Walküre located in the west of the Endless Desert.
  • Danger Zone (危険地帯?) - Area from The Glory of Walküre located in the north of the Endless Desert.
  • Cave of Lava (溶岩の洞窟?) - A cave in a mountain from The Glory of Walküre located northeast of the Endless Desert.
  • Ice Castle (氷の城?) - A castle in a cold region. Valkyrie needs protection against the cold to be able to explore the area.
  • Maze of Search (下思議の迷宮?) - Area with several secret doors.
  • Tower of Darkness (暗闇の塔?) - A dark tower. Valkyrie needs a source of light to be able to see inside.
  • Deep Forest (深い森?) - A forest with fairies.
  • Underground Lake (地底湖?) - A deep lake that Valkyrie enters to find a whale.
  • Sandra Forest (サンドラの森?) - A forest from where Sandra departs to find an antidote for Valkyrie.
  • Black Sandra Desert (ブラックサンドラの砂漠?) - Desert with several Black Sandras and an underground passage.
  • Koakuman Forest (コアクマンの森?) - Forest with a Koakuman.
  • Solitary Island (孤島?) - A dark island with several warps.
  • Sky Corridor (空中回廊?) - The aerial space where Valkyrie rides a pegasus to reach the Eye of God.
  • Eye of God (神の眼?) - The last stage.

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