Motos Poster

Arcade flyer.

Motos (モトス Motosu?) is an arcade game released by Namco in 1985; it runs on Namco Super Pac-Man hardware with a video system previously used in Mappy, Dig Dug II, The Tower of Druaga and Grobda (without the DAC).


The player controls the eponymous Motos and must knock the enemy craft off of the board by bumping into them. Once all of the enemies have been removed off the playfield, the player will proceed to the next round. The enemies can also bump into the player, and can also knock Motos off of the playfield, which causes the player to lose a life. The player can also collect two types of items, "Power Parts" and "Jump Parts", which can give Motos better strength for bumping into enemies and jumping over gaps in the playfield; these parts can be selected when the player dies or the player moves onto the next round.


The game was released for various home computers, including the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64 and Sharp X68000. The original arcade version was ported to the PlayStation in 1997 as part of Namco Museum Encore and Namco History Vol. 1, both of which were exclusive to Japan. The game would later be included in Namco Museum Battle Collection for the PlayStation Portable, Namco Museum Virtual Arcade for the Xbox 360, and Namco Museum Megamix for the Wii, as well as being released for the Wii Virtual Console in 2009 for Japan only. The game was later included in the Namco Arcade compilation game for iOS in 2011.

A remake titled Motos Arrangement was released for the PlayStation Portable in 2006 for Japan only as part of Namco Museum Vol. 2. A Pac-Man-themed remake titled Pac-Motos was released for the Wii in 2007 as part of Namco Museum Remix and would be included as part of Namco Museum Megamix in 2010, as well as a port of the original game; this one was loosely based on Motos Arrangement as well as sharing the same bosses.

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