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Namco Catalog IP is a label established by Bandai Namco Entertainment in 2015, in celebration of the 10th anniversary of Bandai and Namco's merger. Under this label, Japanese content creators were allowed to use select Namco intellectual properties in their contents (recognizable by a 5-digit ID assigned to them), which are being relesed only in Japan. It is also referred to as Namco Creators Program, and OPEN GAME (which is the name of its website.)

In 2016, creators were allowed to publish contents made in RPG Maker MV. In late 2017, the catalogue was expanded to a selection of Jaleco and Data East IPs, licensed from their current owners (City Connection Co., and G-Mode / Paon respectively).

Although Bandai Namco stopped accepting new entries since March 2018, leftover entries were being released eventually. The service was stopped on March 31, 2020, and the OPEN GAME website was shut down the following April.

IPs featured Edit

Bandai Namco Edit

  • Battle City
  • Dig Dug
  • Dragon Buster
  • Galaga
  • Galaxian
  • Genpei Touma Den
  • Katamari Damacy
  • Kosodate Quiz: My Angel
  • Kotoba no Puzzle: Mojipittan
  • Mappy
  • Mr. Driller
  • Pac-Man
  • Sky Kid
  • Star Luster
  • The Tower of Babel
  • The Tower of Drauga
  • Valkyrie no Bouken
  • Wagan Land
  • Wonder Momo
  • Xevious
  • Yokai Dochuki

Jaleco Edit

  • Bio Senshi Dan
  • City Connection
  • Exerion
  • Field Combat
  • Formation Z
  • Ninja Jajamaru
  • Rod Land
  • Suchie-Pai

Data East Edit

  • Dark Seal
  • Fighter's History
  • Glory of Heracles
  • Joe & Mac
  • Karnov
  • Kuhga (Vapor Trail)
  • Skull Fang
  • Suiko Enbu (Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty)
  • Trio the Punch
  • Wolf Fang

Games Edit

(Ordinary RPG Maker games are not included, unless being based on one of the IPs above)

Battle City: Blitz Operation Offline Edit

  • バトルシティ電撃作戦 オフライン (Battle City: Dengeki Sakusen Offline)
  • Creator: Happymeal Inc.
  • IP: Pac-Man

The gameplay is same as the original game but with a twist: In addition to protect the ally base, the player should destroy the enemy base.

Dungeon RPG: The Tower of Grand Millionaire Edit

  • ダンジョンRPG「ドルアーガ大富豪の塔」(Dungeon RPG: Drauga no Daifugou To)
  • Creator: MBA International Inc.
  • IP: The Tower of Drauga

This iPhone/iPad game mixes the dungeon crawling aesthetics of Drauga series with the card game Daifugou.

Escape Gil! Edit

  • 逃げギル!(Nige Gil!)
  • Creator: Hautecorte Inc.
  • IP: The Tower of Drauga

In this game, Gil must escape from a falling pillar in a Downwell-esque manner.

EYERESH with Pac-Man Edit

  • EYERESH with パックマン
  • Creator: MCF
  • IP: Pac-Man

This smartphone app brings the eyesight improving procedures of the 3DS app EYERESH to the mobile phones, as optical illusions of Pac-Man rolling around a maze.

Gachi Escape: Serious Escape Pac-Man Edit

  • ガチ逃げ・マジ逃げパックマン (Gachi Nige: Maji Nige Pac-Man)
  • Creator: Nobuyuki Miyamoto
  • IP: Pac-Man

It is a Pac-Man themed match-3 puzzle game, but with a little twist: The ghosts could be freely moved over the Pac-dots, consuming them. Also, the player should pay attention to the direction that each ghost face; no two ghosts facing against each other could be swapped.

Hesitating Pac-Man's Fortune Edit

  • 迷ったときのパックマンおみくじ (Mayotta Toki no Pac-Man Omikuji)
  • Creator: SFSoft
  • IP: Pac-Man

Based on omikuji lucky charms, this app lets the player navigate the Pac-Man maze in first-person, and hands out an omikuji charm each time.

Intense! Dodge & Dash ver. Pac-Man Edit

  • 激ムズ!ドッヂアンドダッシュver.パックマン (Gekimuzu! Dodge & Dash ver. Pac-Man)
  • Creator: az&co
  • IP: Pac-Man

A top-down endless runner where Pac-Man should dodge ghosts along his way.

Intense! Pac-Man Fantasy Tower Edit

  • 激ムズ!パックマンムゲンタワー (Gekimuzu! Pac-Man Mugen Tower)
  • Creator: KIT Inc.
  • IP: Pac-Man

A puzzle game where you must keep Pac-Man safe without crushing him. Imagine the gameplay of Mr. Driller with a Pac-Man facelift.

Intense! Trace It Pac-Man Edit

  • 激ムズ!なぞってパックマン (Gekimuzu! Nazotte Pac-Man)
  • Creator: Think-a Ltd.
  • IP: Pac-Man

In this puzzle game, the player navigates Pac-Man around a full square maze, tracing the maze in a topological route, much like the mobile games One Touch Drawing or Flow.

Galaga: EZ Operation Edit

  • Creator: Yunuo International Inc.
  • IP: Galaga

This game is mostly like a Whack-a-Mole game set in Galaga universe; the player must destroy the aliens by simply tapping them, though they move so fast.

Genpei Love Team Memorabilia Edit

  • 源平恋愛組絵伝 (Genpei Rennai Kumi e Den)
  • Creator: DCT
  • IP: Genpei Touma Den

This web game is a story-driven matching tiles (SameGame) puzzle, set in Genpei universe.

Jump Out! Pac-Man Run Edit

  • とびだせ!PAC-MAN RUN (Tobidase! Pac-Man Run)
  • Creator: BoosterMedia Japan
  • IP: Pac-Man

A 3D endless runner Pac-Man game running on HTML5.

Learn English Happily with Puzzles! Mojipittan for English Edit

  • パズルで楽しく英語が学べる!もじぴったん for ENGLISH (Puzzle de Tanoshiku Eigo-ga Manaberu! Mojipittan for English)
  • Creator: Flowerpost Inc.
  • IP: Mojipittan

As the name implies, the gameplay of this iPhone-only game is same as other Mojipittan games, but with English words, making the game pretty much a Scrabble clone.

Make a Planet! Everybody's Katamari Edit

  • 惑星を作ろう!みんなの塊魂 (Wakusei o Tsukurou! Minna no Katamari Damacy)
  • Creator: Char Room
  • IP: Katamari Damacy
This game is a 3D endless runner following the rule in Katamari games, which states that only the objects smaller that the katamari stick to it.

Mappy Duel! Neo Namco Orchestra Edit

  • マッピー対決!ネオニャームコ団 (Mappy Taiketsu! Neo Namco-dan)
  • Creator: Grateek Inc.
  • IP: Mappy

A stage-based Mappy games using the classic Mappy aesthetics, but with guest Namco characters, whether as enemies, bosses or costumes for Mappy, which could be earned from a gacha machine.

Mappy Jump Edit

  • マピとび (Mappitobi)
  • Creator: Hautecorte Inc.
  • IP: Mappy

A Doodle Jump clone with Mappy aesthetics.

Mega Run Meets Pac-Man Edit

  • Mega Run meets パックマン
  • Creator: Kemco
  • IP: Pac-Man

A reskin of Get Set's 2012 smartphone game Mega Run, the game is a 2D endless runner starring Pac-Man.

MilboxTouch ver. VR Pac-Man Edit

  • Creator: White Inc.
  • IP: Pac-Man

The classic Pac-Man arcade game, but in VR. Pac-Man is controlled by turning the phone around. The game could also be played without VR goggles.

MilboxTouch ver. VR Xevious Edit

  • Creator: White Inc. / Cohal Games
  • IP: Xevious

In the same vein as its Pac-Man counterpart, this game is a 3D rendition of the the original game, which could be played with or without the VR goggles.

Mortar Galaxian: Experience Super VR! Edit

  • 迫撃のギャラクシアン〜超立体VRを体感せよ!〜 (Hakugeki no Galaxian: Chou Rittai VR o Taikan Seyo!)
  • Creator: Satoru Aoyama
  • IP: Galaxian

Similar to MilboxTouch games, this game is a 3D rendition of the original game, and could be played in VR or non-VR mode.

Mumbling Pac-Man: The Strike of the Ghost Edit

  • もぐもぐパックマン“にやりゴーストの逆襲” (Mogumogu Pac-Man "Niyari Ghost no Gyakushuu")
  • Creator: Defide Inc.
  • IP: Pac-Man

AKA Mogpac, The game stars Pac-Man which must proceed along the path while avoiding cookie-cutout ghosts. Different set conditions are required to complete each level.

One Way Pac-Man Edit

  • 片道PAC-MAN (Katamichi Pac-Man)
  • Creator: Shinkyo Gakuto
  • IP: Pac-Man

An action RPG game featuring Pac-Man, made in RPG Maker.

Operation: Pulling Mappy Edit

  • ひっぱりマッピー大作戦 (Hippari Mappy Daisakusen)
  • Creator: Grateek Inc.
  • IP: Mappy

In this HTML5-powered web game, Mappy retrieves the artifacts by flinging from a slingshot (much like Angry Birds games). Several guest Namco characters also appear, whether as blockades or assists.

Ora! Dig Dug Horeyuke! Brazil Edit

  • オラッ!ディグダグホレゆけ!ブラジル
  • Creator: Happymeal Inc.
  • IP: Dig Dug

Dig Dug is in hurry for travelling to Rio, and has found the fastest way: Digging all the way from Japan to Brazil. After reaching Brazil for the first time, the next playthroughs include other countries as targets.

Pac-Man's Journey to Japan Edit

  • パックマンの旅めしニッポン (Pac-Man no Tabi Meshi Nippon)
  • Creator: Fantec
  • IP: Pac-Man

In this RPG Maker-driven game, Pac-Man wanders around Japanese loactions. Minigames are also included!

Pac-Man de Mobile eSports Edit

  • パックマンでモバイルeスポーツ
  • Creator: WonderLeague Corp.
  • IP: Pac-Man

Accessible via WonderLeague's smartphone app, the game is a take on prize-based online competitions centered on the classic Pac-Man game.

Pac-Man Note: Escape from the Page Edit

  • Pacman note ページからの脱出 (Pac-Man Note: Page Kara no Dasshutsu)
  • Creator: DreamFactory
  • IP: Pac-Man

Much like the game Q, the gameplay of Pac-Man Note consists of crudely-physics-based puzzles/problems, and much like the former game, it is difficult to understand for the overseas player due to the texts being completely in Japanese.

Pac-Man Shanghai Mahjong Edit

  • パックマン上海麻雀
  • Creator: NiftyGames
  • IP: Pac-Man

Powered by HTML5, this game is the classic Mahjong with Pac-Man (and some other guest Namco series) sprites on the pieces.

PAC-MEME: Dry Eye Alarm Edit

  • PAC MEME ドライアイアラーム
  • Creator: Hidehiko Kondo
  • IP: Pac-Man

No, not that meme -- PAC-MEME is an iPhone app working with Jins Meme glasses, aiding prevention of eye dryness.

Pac-Pong Edit

  • パックポン
  • Creator: Solidseed
  • IP: Pac-Man

No, it's not ping-pong, it's beer pong -- Pac-Man has a limited number of Pac-dots and shoots them into a cup/trophy.

Pac-Run Edit

  • パックラン
  • Creator: Rakuten Games
  • IP: Pac-Man

Not to be confused with Jump Up! Pac-Man Run, this endless runner web game was one of the launch titles for the now-defunct Rakuten Games' social web game platform.

Pac-Tune Edit

  • パックチューン
  • Creator: Enqueue
  • IP: Pac-Man

A Pac-Man themed rhythm game, with a music creation mode included.

Project Fardraut: Secondary Work of Xevious Edit

  • Creator: Neko Oide
  • IP: Xevious

The gameplay of this 3D shooter is similar to modern Star Fox games. Also, Pac-Man and Momo are playable as aircrafts in place of Solvalou.

Save the Valkyrie! Edit

  • ワルキューレを守れ! (Valkyrie o Mamore!)
  • Creator: ERS
  • IP: Valkyrie

This web-based pseudo-RPG action game stars a Sandra who should escort Valkyrie by flicking into enemies. Romanized as Save the Walküre on its title screen.

The Card: Respectable Pac-Man Edit

  • ザカード-Respectable PACKMAN-
  • Creator: BlueRadioGames
  • IP: Pac-Man

A luck-based game where cards with a random outcome are flipped over to control the movements/functions of Pac-Man and the ghosts. Misromanized as Respectabl PACMAN on its title screen.

The Tower of Druaga: Tower of Defender Edit

  • ドルアーガの塔 Tower of Defender (Druaga no Tou: Tower of Defender)
  • Creator: Cucuri Co., Ltd.
  • IP: The Tower of Druaga

A role-playing game with dating sim elements included, set it The Tower of Druaga world, which the protagonist is an ex-guard of the tower, who was banished due to revival of Druaga.

The Wagan that was Pretty Weak Edit

  • ワギャンってこんなに弱かったっけ (Wagyantte Konnani Yowakattakke)
  • Creator: ZZYZX
  • IP: Wagan Land

A Flappy Bird-like level-based game where the player controls a hovering Wagan, trying to set a captured Wagan free.

Touch the Mappy: Namco's Revival Edit

  • タッチ・ザ・マッピー復活のニャームコ団 (Touch the Mappy: Fukkatsu no Namco-dan)
  • Creator: Cosmo Machia Inc.
  • IP: Mappy

A puzzle game featuring an auto-walking Mappy, which should obtain the artifacts in the shortest possible time. The player navigates Mappy by touching (technically flicking) it, and making temporary platforms appear. This game later received a Special Version, called Touch the Mappy with 80's Dot Stars (タッチ・ザ・マッピー with 80'sドットスターズ), available only via SoftBank App Pass.

Treasure Dig! Diggers Edit

  • トレジャー発掘!Diggers (Treasure Hakkutsu! Diggers)
  • Creator: Radiuthree
  • IP: Dig Dug

In this game, the player uses a limited number of diggers (which come in 4 types; the medium-range Susumu and Red Baron, and the big-range Dig Dug and Solvalou) to dig out treasures from a grid, which in this case, are sprites from ALL 39 games of the Catalog IP label.

Vampire Holmes: The Key of Time and the Divine Child Edit

  • VAMPIRE HOLMES 時の鍵と神の子 (Vampire Holmes: Toki no Kagi to Kami no Ko)
  • Creator: Cucuri Co., Ltd.
  • IP: Valkyrie

The 11th installment in Vampire Holmes series of games. A Sandra requests Holmes to retrieve "The Key of Time".

Vampire Holmes: The Stardust Messiah Edit

  • VAMPIRE HOLMES 星屑の救世主 (Vampire Holmes: Hoshikuzu no Kyuuseishu)
  • Creator: Cucuri Co., Ltd.
  • IP: Pac-Man

The 10th installment in Vampire Holmes series of games. A stranger with Pac-Man head appears and begs Holmes to save his homeplanet from the ghosts.

Wagan Shiritori: Play It! Edit

  • ワギャンしりとりで勝負だ!(Wagyan Shiritori de Shoubuda!)
  • Creator: StirSystem Inc.
  • IP: Wagan Land

A word game featuring the Shiritori (word chain) portion of classic Wagan Land games.

Wagan Shiritori Travel Edit

  • ワギャンしりとり道中記 (Wagyan Shiritori Douchuuki)
  • Creator: Be-Style
  • IP: Wagan Land

Wagan Land's Shiritori again, but now optimized for domestic online play.

Xevious: Satanic 2000 Attacks Edit

  • ゼビウス魔の二千機攻撃 (Xevious Ma no Nisenki Kougeki)
  • Creator: Katsushiro Koizumi
  • IP: Xevious

This game is based on an arc in the manga magazine Famicom Rocky, which its mascot Rocky boards Solvalou, and tries to survive an onslaught against 2000 airships. Gibasa-chan also appears as a guest character.

Xevious vs. Dokira 'The Local Monster': Gathering of the Global Gluttons in Echigo Uonuma! Edit

  • ゼビウス対ご当地怪獣ドキラ世界の食いしん坊越後魚沼大集合! (Xevious tai Gotouji Kaijuu Dokira: Sekai no Kuishinbou Echigo Uonuma dai Shuugou!)
  • Creator: Papaya Battery Development Co., Ltd.
  • IP: Xevious

In this spoof game, Solvalou helps the rural farmers of Uonuma Niigata prefecture, by destroying worldwide investors before they conquer the cultivation.

XeviShoot! Edit

  • XEVI撃ち! (XeviUchi!)
  • Creator: Hautecorte Inc.
  • IP: Xevious
  • In this game, Solvalou has an infinite amount of rockets and must shoot the Andor Genesis keeping the %100 hit accuracy. After a certain amount of hits, Andor sends reinforcement airships. Each missed shot or hitting a reinforcement airship cost a life.

Crossover Games Edit

Deco Gadget System Edit

  • DECO GADGET SYSTEM - デコガジェ -
  • Creator: Lambda Planning Co., Ltd.

Alongside Treasure Dig! Diggers, this game is the only Catalog IP work that uses the Catalog's non-Namco properties (In this case, Data East). This game features several record-based minigames based on the Data East titles Trio the Punch, Dark Seal and Joe & Mac (with Karnov ones supposed to be added).

Dig Dug/Drauga/Pac-Man: Rock-Paper-Scissors King Edit

  • ディグ・ドル・パックじゃんけん王 (Dig/Dra/Pac Janken ou)
  • Creator: SFSoft

A typical game of rock-paper-scissors featuring sprites from Pac-Man, Dig Dug and The Tower of Drauga, which could be played as single-player or PvP.

NamNam Edit

  • ナムナム
  • Creator: Profire Co., Ltd.

The game's objective is simple: Tap (or flick) a stack of icons from classic Namco games in the shortest time possible. Available both as a web game and on smartphones.

Pixel Dash Edit

  • Creator: SAT-BOX

A 2D level-based runner featuring hand-drawn aesthetics and classic Namco characters. The player can draw lines for the running character, whether as a ramp, platform, or hazard blockade.

Pixel Runner! Edit

  • Creator: M2K Co., Ltd.

A 2D endless runner featuring several Namco characters as playable or obstacle, including ones from Pac-Man, Mappy, Dig Dug, Mr. Driller, Wagan Land and Mojipittan.

Pixel Superstars Edit

  • ピクセルスーパースターズ
  • Creator: SAT-BOX

This game is an 'eraser-flicking' brawl - which the player's sprite should throw the opponent's sprite out of the table - featuring sprites of several Namco series (including Pac-Man, Mappy and Dig Dug).

To-to-to-to-touch Legendary Characters Edit

  • タタタタタッチ 伝説のキャラクターズ (Tototototouch Densetsu no Characters)
  • Creator: iNPLAS CO., Ltd.

As the name implies, the gameplay revolves around tapping a handful of icons from classic Namco games, and then fighting a boss by tapping its weakpoints.

Collaborative Cameos Edit

Special updates in other games, featuring Namco properties, part of the Catalog IP.

After Fire Edit

  • [1-8 Jun 2016] Featuring Mappy and Wagan Land car paints, which the winner designs of an Illustration contest held earlier in April.

Alien Eggs Edit

  • エイリアンのたまご (Alien no Tamago)
  • As one of the most recurring ones, this game have had 14 (?)* events in collaboration with Catalog IP. The stuff related to the 'signature character' of the event would be in the highest rarity on the gacha, and the contents of older events would return for the future events, with their rarity decreased.
    • No. 1: Pac-Man / Katamari Damacy [Aug 2017]
    • No. 2: Mappy [Feb 2018]
    • No. 3: Wagan Land [Mar 2018]
    • No. 4: Mojipittan [Apr 2018]
    • No. 6: Valkyrie [Jun 2018]
    • No. 7: Ninja Jajamaru [Jul 2018] (The first and only non-Namco one)
    • No. 8: Mr. Driller [Sep 2018]
    • No. 9: Genpei Touma Den [Oct 2018]
    • No. 10: Wonder Momo [Nov 2018]
    • No. 11: Pac-Man [Jan 2019] (Ninja Jajamaru stuff were delisted)
    • No. 12: Katamari Damacy [Jun 2019]
    • No. 13: Mappy [10-20 Jan 2020]
    • No. 14 (Final): All-Stars [10-31 Mar 2020] (All Catalog IP stuff are in the highest rarity) (Ninja Jajamaru stuff are returned)

*: Event No. 5 has NO footage documented; this is whether an inside mistake or a press typo.

Battle of Siege: Bahamut Greed Edit

  • 攻城戦記◆バハムートグリード (Koujou Senki: Bahamut Greed)
  • This game had a special The Tower of Druaga event [18-30 Jun 2017], featuring limited-time cards of Gil, Ishtar, Druaga, Ki, and as a login bonus, an SSR (Super Super Rare) collaboration custom card.

Beat & Magicians Edit

  • ビート&マジシャンズ
  • This rhythm game have had two Catalog IP Collab events, featuring Pac-Man [12 Sep - 12 Oct 2015] and Wagan Land [1-30 Jun 2016] respectively.

Cat Busters Edit

  • キャットバスターズ
  • [28 Apr - 12 May 2017] Featured special costumes for cats, based on the characters Solvalou, Prince, Susumu Hori, Pac-Man, Wagan, Gil, and as a login bonus, Taizo Hori.

Dispatch! Beautiful Police Edit

  • 出動!美女ポリス (Shutsudou! Bijo Police)
  • Featuring limited-time special cards, including ones showing the main protagonist in a costume based on a Namco character. Two events were held in total, entitled Retro Gacha Close Call (懐ゲー危機一髪ガチャ Futokoro Gei Kikiippatsu Gacha) [10-28 Feb 2017] and Revival! A Megathon of Retro Games! Collab Gacha (復活!懐ゲー大集合!!コラボガチャ Fukkatsu! Futokoro Gei Dai Shuugou!! Collab Gacha) [7-28 Feb 2018] respectively.

Dragon Tactics Edit

  • ドラゴンタクティクス
  • [29 Sep - 30 Oct 2017] Two 'masterpiece' cards were appeared on the gacha, based on Pac-Man and Wagan.

Gothic Magic Maiden Edit

  • ゴシックは魔法乙女 (Gothic wa Mahou Otome)
  • Two Catalog IP Collab events were held in total, featuring themed costumes, and powerup cards. The costumes featured in the first event [12-22 May 2016] were Sol & Andor, Mappy, Dig Dug, and Galaga, and in the second event (subtitled 2nd stage) [16-28 Feb 2018], Gil, and Gaia (Star Luster). The special powerup card of the first event was 'Pac-Man Maiden', followed by Valkyrie in the second event.

Izanagi Online Edit

  • イザナギオンライン
  • [22 Mar - 5 Apr 2017] Featuring Pac-Man as enemies, and bonus costumes themed after Pac-Man, Dig Dug, Sky Kid, The Tower of Drauga, Genpei Touma Den, Katamari Damacy, Mojipittan and Mr. Driller.

Lumines: Puzzle & Music Edit

  • A playlist called Retro Game Remix Pack which adds the classic graphics and remixed songs of the games Pac-Man, Xevious and The Tower of Druaga.

Platinum Train Edit

  • プラチナ・トレイン
  • This railroad management sim game had 3 special Pac-Man events, featuring a Pac-Man themed train and power fruits. [10-31 May 2017] [29 Sep - 1 Nov 2017] [27 Apr - 31 May 2018]

Princess Genjyu Edit

  • 幻獣姫 (Genjyu-hime)
  • [31 Mar - 20 Apr 2018] A handful of limited edition 'Rare' cards were appeared during this event: Pac-Man, Susumu Hori, Suchie-Pai, and custom cards featuring Princess Genjyu in Pac-Man and Wagan Land worlds.


  • This programming tutorial game recieved 5 Namco-themed packs over the time: Pac-Man, Galaxian/Galaga, The Tower of Druaga, Xevious and Mappy.

Sengoku Puzzle!! Animal Battle Edit

  • 戦国パズル!!あにまる大合戦 (Sengoku Puzzle!! Animal Daigassen)
  • 4 Namco events were held in total:
    • No. 1 [22 Jan - 24 Feb 2016] Featured the 4-star Warrior Pac-Man (also ghosts as mobs)
    • No. 2 [16 Mar - 18 Apr 2016] Featured the 4-star Shinpachi Mappy
    • No. 3 [15 Jun - 6 Jul] Featured the 4-star Red Baron and Blue Max (Sky Kid)
    • No. 4 [27 Jul - 4 Aug] Featured the 3-star Retro Beast Kai, the 4-star Retro Beast Gil and the 5-star Druaga ('Retro Beast' refers to using the classic sprite of the character)

Station Snatch Edit

  • 駅奪取 (Eki-dasshu!)
  • [28 Oct - 24 Nov 2015] This event, entitled 8-bit Snatchers! (8bit 奪取ers!), features the characters Kagekiyo (Genpei), Andor Genesis, Pooka, Clovis & Celia (Dragon Buster), Gil, Pac-Man, Mappy, Valkyrie and Momo.

T-Shop Edit

  • Tのお店 (T no Omise)
  • [17-31 Aug 2017] This event, entitled Explosive Ghost Event, brings Pac-Man decorations to the shop.

The Cutesy Girl's Dressup Edit

  • 可愛すぎる美少女育成 (Kawaii Sugiru Bishoujo Ikusei)
  • [13 Oct 2015 - 13 Jan 2016] This event featured costumes based on Pac-Man, Gil, Ki, Valkyrie, Momo, Mappy, Wagan, and Andaba (Genpei Touma Den).

The Knights of Avalon Edit

  • アヴァロンの騎士 (Avalon no Kishi)
  • Three special Catalog IP Collab events were held in total, each event adding limited time stuff (Job classes, armor, summonable monster) to the gacha:
    • 1st event [7-30 Sep 2017]: Featuring Pac-Man, Valkyrie, Wagan Land, Mappy, Tower of Druaga, Xevious, Genpei Touma Den, Mr. Driller, and Katamari Damacy.
    • 2nd event [13-31 Jan 2018]: Featuring new content for Tower of Drauga, as well as new featured IPs Ninja Jajamaru, Youkai Dochuki, Battle City, Sky Kid, Suchie-Pai, Dragon Buster, Tower of Babel, Galaga, Galaxian, Mojipittan and Wonder Momo. All content from the 1st event were returned to the gacha.
    • 3rd event [7-20 Sep 2018]: Featuring new content for Mappy, Youkai Dochuki, Wonder Momo, Suchie-Pai, Ninja Jajamaru, Genpei Touma Dem, Mr. Driller, Tower of Druaga, Wagan Land, Pac-Man, Xevious, Valkyrie and Dig Dug, as well as new featured IPs, Suiko Enbu, Fighter's History, Karnov, City Connection and Glory of Heracles. The job classes and summonables monsters (but not the armors) from the previous events were returned to the gacha.

Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin Edit

  • The game had a special event [10 Jul - 7 Aug 2017] with Namco's Valkyrie series, titled The Adventure of the Oldest Warmaid (最も古き戦乙女の冒険), featuring Valkyrie and new quests assigned to her.

VegeMagi Edit

  • ベジマギッ
  • [1-16 Dec 2016] The collaboration of this game with Katamari Damacy series came in two pieces: The Collab "Katamari Panic"!? Visitors From Different Worlds (コラボって塊パニック!?異世界からの来訪者) which featured the characters Nik, Ace, June, Peso and Foomin as in-game rewards, and Katamari Damacy Collaboration Vegetable Gacha (塊魂コラボやさいガチャ) which added the super-rare cards of King, Prince and Ichigo into the gacha.

Ultimate × Evolution: Sengoku Break Edit

  • 究極×進化!戦国ブレイク (Kyuukyoku × Shinka: Sengoku Break)
  • [7-26 Feb 2018] Featured limited-time cards based on Pac-Man, The Tower of Druaga and Genpei Touma Den.

Youkai Momohime Edit

  • 妖怪百姫たん
  • The game recieved 3 Namco collab events in total, receiving special SR (Super Rare), SSR (Super Super Rare, EXR (Extremely Rare) and UR (Ultra Rare) cards:
    • [13-31 Jan 2017] Featuring characters from Yokai Dochuki.
    • [12 Jun - 3 Jul 2017] Featuring characters from Genpei Touma Den.
    • [22 Feb - 1 Mar 2018] Featuring characters from The Tower of Druaga.

Other Content Edit

LINE Collab Edit

Stickers and/or background themes for the messenger LINE.

  • Dig Dug: Sticker pack (aka Dig Dug Heartwarming Stamps - ディグダグほのぼのスタンプ)
  • Dragon Buster: Character theme
  • Genpei Touma Den: Sticker pack (aka Everyday Genpei Touma Den - 源平討魔伝の日常)
  • Katamari Damacy: Sticker packs (aka Katamari Damacy's Cosmos Daily Stickers - 塊魂のコスモな毎日スタンプ); released in 6 packs.
  • Mappy:
    • The sticker pack Mappy: Anytime Useable (いつでも使えるマッピー
    • The sticker pack Mappy's Daily Life Stamps (マッピーの日常編 スタンプ)
    • Character theme (5 themes in total)
  • Mojipittan: Sticker pack (aka Mojipittan's MojiMoji Stamps - もじぴったんのもじもじスタンプ)
  • Pac-Man:
    • Pac-Man's Family Theme (パックマンのファミリー着せかえ)
    • Pac-Man Daily Stamps (パックマンの日常編 スタンプ) sticker pack
    • Pac-Man Family's Pic-Pic Family Diary (パックマンファミリーのピコピコ家族日記) (both a theme and a sticker pack released under this title)
    • Character theme (5 themes in total)
  • The Tower of Drauga: Theme
  • Valkyrie: Sticker pack (aka Move! Valkyrie's Adventure - 動く!ワルキューレの冒険)
  • Xevious:
    • A theme and a sticker pack in collaboration with LINE's own mascot Pekko Oni
    • A character theme
    • Themes based on different Areas, i.e. stages (16 themes in total)
  • The sticker pack Neo Game Café 876 Stamps (ネオゲーム喫茶876スタンプ)

Misc. Themes Edit

  • Info Live Standby Pac-Man (情報ライブ待受パックマン Jouhou Live Machiuke Pac-Man): Pac-Man background theme with ghosts replcaing the app icons. Exclusive to Sharp Aquos phones.
  • Pac-Man's Image Changer (パックマン de イメ★チェン Pac-Man de Ime-chen): Another Pac-Man background theme with custom icons, accessible on smartphones via the Kisekae Touch app.
  • RPG-Style Live Wallpaper: The Tower of Drauga Collab Version (RPG風ライブ壁紙~「ドルアーガの塔」コラボ版~ RPG-fuu Live Kabegami "'Drauga no Tou' Collab-ban")

Digital Comics Edit

  • COMICOMI: Recieved two packs of stickers (called Retro Game Pack) with editable speech balloon text, useable for making comics. The packs were themed after Wagan & Mappy (レトロゲームパック・ワギャン&マッピー) and Pac-Man & Dig Dug (レトロゲームパック・パックマン&ディグダグ) respectively.
  • Manga Anthology - Catalog IP Retro Game Comic (マンガアンソロジー CATALOG IP RETRO GAME COMIC), published by BABA☆ANI.

Misc. Apps Edit

  • PicoChat (ピコチャット): Social messaging app. Featuring a game mode consisting of 10-seconds minigames (similar to WarioWare series of games), themed after Namco IPs.
  • Puchi-con 3 SmileBASIC - Catalog IP Collab (プチコン3号SmileBASIC「カタログIP」コラボ): Character sprites for the 3DS application Puchi-con 3 SmileBASIC (Simply SmileBASIC overseas)
  • Cha-Alarm (きゃら~む Kyaramu): An alarm clock application that forces the user to clear a short minigame before snoozing (Much like the alarm clocks in the video game WarioWare Gold). This is more a collab, i.e. the app was already in distribution without Namco content.
  • Game Sound Alarm (ゲームサウンドアラーム): Same as above, but only featuring Namco content and exclusive to iPhone.
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