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Namco Super Wars (ナムコスーパーウォーズ Namuko Sūpā Wōzu?) is a tactical role-playing game developed by Namco and published by Bandai for the Wonderswan Color in 2002. The game features several Namco characters from games like the Valkyrie series, the Babylonian Castle Saga, Dragon Spirit, Dragon Valor, Genpei Tōma Den, Phelios, Bravoman, and Wonder Momo. The player starts the game with four characters, three of them being Kronos, Valkyrie, and Sandra, and the other (Quarkman, Amul, Clovis, Gilgamesh, or Kagekiyo) depends of the choice in the beginning. Other characters join the party during the game.



NSWMugKronosKronosOriginalPlayable character
NSWMugValkyrieValkyrieValkyrie seriesPlayable character
NSWMugSandraSandraValkyrie seriesPlayable character
NSWMugQuarkmanQuarkmanValkyrie seriesPlayable character
NSWMugAmulAmulDragon SpiritPlayable character
NSWMugClovisClovisDragon ValorPlayable character
NSWMugCarolinaCarolinaDragon ValorPlayable character
NSWMugCeliaCeliaDragon ValorPlayable character
NSWMugKagekiyoKagekiyoGenpei Tōma DenPlayable character
NSWMugGilGilgameshBabylonian Castle SagaPlayable character
NSWMugKiKiBabylonian Castle Saga
NSWMugKakaKakaOriginalNPC ally
NSWMugZezeZezeOriginalNPC ally
NSWMugZulZulValkyrie seriesShopkeeper


NSWMugKamoozKamoozValkyrie seriesBoss
NSWMugSnowbirdSnowbirdValkyrie seriesBoss
NSWMugZounaZounaValkyrie seriesBoss
NSWMugVolefVolefDragon ValorBoss
DruagaBabylonian Castle Saga
NSWMugAkyndKnightAkynd KnightBabylonian Castle Saga
Blue Dragon
NSWMugDemonDemonValkyrie seriesEnemy
NSWMugFlydrillFly DrillValkyrie seriesEnemy
NSWMugGoblinGoblinValkyrie seriesEnemy
HonorianValkyrie seriesEnemy
NSWMugTarosTarosValkyrie seriesEnemy
NSWMugTattaTattaValkyrie seriesEnemy
NSWMugTrentTrentValkyrie seriesEnemy
NSWMugSekizouStone statue Enemy
NSWMugArcherArcher Enemy
NSWMugBishopBishop Enemy
NSWMugNinjaNinjaDragon ValorEnemy
NSWMugPiratePirateDragon ValorEnemy
NSWMugAbarePiratePirate ThugDragon ValorEnemy
NSWMugWarriorWarriorDragon ValorEnemy
NSWMugSnakeSnake Enemy


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