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Namco Super Wars (ナムコスーパーウォーズ Namuko Sūpā Wōzu?) is a tactical role-playing game developed by Namco and published by Bandai for the Wonderswan Color in 2002. The game features several Namco characters from games like the Valkyrie series, the Babylonian Castle Saga, Dragon Spirit, Dragon Valor, Genpei Tōma Den, Phelios, Bravoman, and Wonder Momo. The player starts the game with four characters, three of them being Kronos, Valkyrie, and Sandra, and the other (Quarkman, Amul, Clovis, Gilgamesh, or Kagekiyo) depends of the choice in the beginning. Other characters join the party during the game.


This list is incomplete.


Name Origin Role
K Kronos Original Playable character
Q Quarkman Valkyrie series Playable character
S Sandra Valkyrie series Playable character
Walkure Valkyrie Valkyrie series Playable character
WM Wonder Momo Wonder Momo Playable character
C Carolina Dragon Valor Playable character
C Celia Dragon Valor Playable character
A Arlen Dragon Valor Playable character
C Clovis Dragon Valor Playable character
Amru Amul Dragon Spirit Playable character
Alicia Alicia Dragon Spirit Playable character
Berabouman Bravoman Bravoman Playable character
Gil Gilgamesh Babylonian Castle Saga Playable character
Ki Ki Babylonian Castle Saga Playable character
I Ishtar Babylonian Castle Saga Playable character
Taira no Kagekiyo Kagekiyo Genpei Tōma Den Playable character
Apollo Phelios
Kaka Kaka Original NPC ally
Zeze Zeze Original NPC ally
Zul Zul Valkyrie series Shopkeeper


Name Origin Role
Kamuz Kamooz Valkyrie series Stage 1 boss
S Snowbird Valkyrie series Stage 2 boss
Z Zouna Valkyrie series Stage 3 boss
Elecman Electroman Valkyrie series Stage EX1 boss
V Volef Dragon Valor Stages 4-6 boss
NSWMugDahaka.png Dragon Dahaka Dragon Valor Stage 7 boss
Hydra Hydra Dragon Spirit Stage 9 boss
BD Blue Dragon Dragon Spirit Stage 10 boss
Zawell Dragon Spirit
R Fenix Round Phoenix Dragon Spirit Stage EX3 boss
DG Death Guardian Dragon Spirit Stage EX3 boss
AK Akynd Knight Babylonian Castle Saga Stage 11 boss
S Succubus Babylonian Castle Saga Stage 12 boss
D Druaga Babylonian Castle Saga Stage 13 boss
Y Yoshitsune Genpei Tōma Den Stage 14 boss
D Demon Valkyrie series Enemy
F Fly Drill Valkyrie series Enemy
G Goblin Valkyrie series Enemy
Honorian Valkyrie series Enemy
K Kaokkusu Valkyrie series Enemy
Sekizou Stone Statue Valkyrie series Enemy
T Taros Valkyrie series Enemy
T Tatta Valkyrie series Enemy
T Trent Valkyrie series Enemy
A Archer Dragon Valor Enemy
B Bishop Dragon Buster Enemy
C Cave Shark Dragon Buster Enemy
C Crawler Dragon Buster Enemy
D Dragon Dragon Buster Enemy
E Eyeful Dragon Valor Enemy
H Hornet Dragon Valor Enemy
N Ninja Dragon Valor Enemy
P Pirate Dragon Valor Enemy
Abare Pirate Pirate Thug Dragon Valor Enemy
I Inosai Dragon Buster Enemy
S Snake Dragon Buster Enemy
W Warrior Dragon Valor Enemy
BigEye Big Eye Dragon Spirit Enemy
C Caterpillar Dragon Spirit Enemy
C Cyclops Dragon Spirit Enemy
G Gargoyle Dragon Spirit Enemy
Fenix Phoenix Dragon Spirit Enemy
Puteranodon Pteranodon Dragon Spirit Enemy
Scorpion Sasori Dragon Spirit Enemy
T-Rex Tyrannosaurus Dragon Spirit Enemy
GS Green Slime Babylonian Castle Saga Enemy
RS Red Slime Babylonian Castle Saga Enemy
BK Blue Knight Babylonian Castle Saga Enemy
BK Black Knight Babylonian Castle Saga Enemy
MK Mirror Knight Babylonian Castle Saga Enemy
RK Red Knight Babylonian Castle Saga Enemy
HK Hyper Knight Babylonian Castle Saga Enemy
M Lizard Man Babylonian Castle Saga Enemy
M Mage Babylonian Castle Saga Enemy
D Druid Babylonian Castle Saga Enemy
S Sorcerer Babylonian Castle Saga Enemy
MG Mage Ghost Babylonian Castle Saga Enemy
GHand Roper Green-Hand Roper Babylonian Castle Saga Enemy
Q Quox Babylonian Castle Saga Enemy
BD Black Dragon Babylonian Castle Saga Enemy
Hungry Ghoul Gaki Genpei Tōma Den Enemy
Spear Skeleton Yari Gaikotsu Genpei Tōma Den Enemy



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