Wonder Eggs logo and the mascot Pirarisu.

Namco Wonder Eggs (ナムコ・ワンダーエッグ?) was a theme park operated by Namco, opening in February 1992 in Futakotamagawa, in Setagaya, Tokyo. The park was renovated as Wonder Eggs 2 in July 1996, and later as Wonder Eggs 3 in 1999. The park closed down on December 31, 2000 and was demolished shortly after. Redevelopment on the site began in 2007 and was finished in 2010, now being an apartment complex.


  • Goddess Eruzu
  • Pirarisu - Four characters that are based on Roger Caillois' Man, Play and Games:
    • Agon - Competition.
    • Alea - Chance.
    • Mimicry - Simulation.
    • Ilynx - Dizziness.
  • Devil Godot



Entrance of Wonder Eggs 2

Wonder Egg ZoneEdit

Dragon's CastleEdit

  • The Tower of Druaga - A ride attraction where the users try to shot monsters with infrared LED guns. It was moved from the Expo '90 in Osaka to the park alongside Galaxian³.
  • Magical Illusion - House of mirrors. Renovated as "Mirrorna's Psychological Labyrinth" in 1993.
  • Hotel Ghost - Haunted house. Renovated as "Hotel the Hell" in 1995 and "Hotel Murder House ~Zombie Bride~" in 1997.
  • Möbius Creek - A boat tour around the park.

Factory of TimeEdit

  • Galaxian³ - A version of the game Galaxian³ for 28 players. Was moved to the park from the Expo '90 in Osaka.
  • Cyber Station - Game center.

Rapero's MarketEdit

  • Carnival Arcade - A fair with games and stuffed animals.
  • Future Coliseum - Has a type of tag game.
  • "The Fortune-telling Witch's Building" - A skull that answers questions. Was renovated as Wedding Judge in 1997.

Eruzu SquareEdit

  • Raperopter - A vehicle to travel the square.
  • Pirarisu's Carousel - Carousel.
  • Pirarisu Omikuji - Omikuji.
  • The Star Audition - Established in 1996.
  • Wonder Rally - Established in 1998.

Egg Empire ZoneEdit

Dina YolkEdit

  • Fighter Camp

Dina ShellEdit

  • Drift King - Battery kart race.
  • Q-ZAR Arena - A Q-Zar shooter that can have up to 40 participants. Renovated as The Mummy in 1999.
  • Miracle Tours - Simulation theatre. Renamed Fun-house Express in 1999 when the software was changed.
  • Circus Plaza
  • Cyber Station 2 - Game center.


Namco's theme park 'Wonder Eggs' promo video - feature Galaxian³ *extended BIS*

Namco's theme park 'Wonder Eggs' promo video - feature Galaxian³ *extended BIS*

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