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Phozon (フォゾン Fozon?) is a puzzle arcade game developed and released by Namco in 1983 for Japan only; it runs on Namco Phozon hardware, and is based on the science of chemistry, featuring characters named after chemical terms. The game would be ported to the PlayStation in 1996 as part of Namco Museum Vol. 3, and was the first time the game would be released outside of Japan.


The player controls the Chemic, a spiked atom that must fuse itself with Moleks, small multicolored molecules that float around the stage. In the center of the stage is the formation that the Chemic must perfectly match with in order to complete the stage. Should a Molek be stuck to the Chemic and is not in line with the pattern, the player can press the button to release the Molek. The Chemic can only release up to 28 Moleks in the stage, and should the Chemic have released that many and the pattern isn’t completed, the text “STAGE IS NOT CLEARED, TRY AGAIN” will appear, although the Chemic will not lose a life.

Each stage also features the Atomic, a rotating collection of multicolored spheres, and should the Chemic touch the Atomic, the player will lose a life. The Atomic will split itself apart to make it more difficult for the Chemic to avoid them, and will shoot deadly “Alpha-Rays” and “Beta-Rays” at Moleks to make them float away from the Chemic. The Chemic can collect a Power Molek, a larger flashing version of the Molek, to allow the Chemic to attack the Atomic for a brief period of time. The game’s bonus stages also allow the Chemic to shoot down the Atomic under a time limit.


Phozon was ported to the PlayStation in 1996 as part of Namco Museum Vol. 3, which was fully translated outside Japan. The game would later appear as part of the Namco Arcade iOS application in 2012 (which has since been delisted as of March 15, 2016).

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