Point Blank, known as Gun Bullet (ガンブリット Gan Buritto?) in Japan, is a series of shooting games by Namco.


  • Point Blank (ガンブリット, Gun Bullet) - Released for arcade in 1994 and for PlayStation in 1997.
  • Point Blank 2 (ガンバァール, Gunbarl) - Released for PlayStation in 1998 and arcade in 1999.
  • Point Blank 3 (ガンバリィーナ, Gunbalina) - Released for arcade and PlayStation in 2000.
  • Gunvari Collection + Time Crisis (ガンバリコレクション プラス タイムクライシス) - A collection released for PlayStation 2 in 2002 containing the first three games and Time Crisis.
  • Point Blank DS (右脳の達人 ガンバれっトレーナー, Unou No Tatsujin: Gun Bullet Trainer) - Released for Nintendo DS in 2006.
  • Gun Bullet Fever (ガンバレットフィーバー) - A medal game released only in Japan in 1999.
  • Point Blank X - Released for arcade in 2016.

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