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Samurai-Ghost, known as Genpei Tōma Den: Kan no Ni (源平討魔伝 巻ノ弐? lit. The Genji and Heike Tale of the Demon's Demise: Volume 2) in Japan, is the sequel of Genpei Tōma Den, released for TurboGrafx-16 in 1992 and Wii Virtual Console in 2008. Taira no Kagekiyo's enemies are attempting to resurrect, and he sets out to defeat Minamoto no Yoritomo and his allies Minamoto no Yoshitsune, Musashibō Benkei, and Kiso Yoshinaka to prevent it. Unlike the previous game, Samurai-Ghost is a linear game with the "Big Mode" gameplay, and Kagekiyo travels through an alternate version of Japan from the Makai.


Stage Approximate equivalent
from Japan
#English nameJapanese name
1Entrance to the Darkside魔界参道
(Makai Sandō)
2Volcanic Zone九焔山州KyushuMajin
3Hurting Zone沙界四州Chūgoku and ShikokuMinamoto no Yoshitsune
4Arctic Zone京獄KansaiOnihime
5Kamikaze Zone麓仙州ChūbuKiso Yoshinaka
6Ambush Zone機関八州KantōMusashibō Benkei
7Heart of Darkside鎌倉あぎと*Kanagawa PrefectureMinamoto no Yoritomo

*"あぎと" is written with a combination of "月咢".

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