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Sandra no Daibōken: Walküre to no Deai
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Sandra no Daibōken: Walküre to no Deai (サンドラの大冒険 ワルキューレとの出逢い? roughly "Sandra's Great Adventure: Encounter with the Valkyrie"), renamed Whirlo in Europe, is an action game released for Super Nintendo in Japan and Europe in 1992 and rereleased in Nintendo Power format in Japan in 1998. The game is a prequel to Walküre no Bōken: Toki no Kagi Densetsu.


Kurino Sandra lived happily with his wife and son in a village in Sand Land, a rural area of Marvel Land. When the demon Zouna was freed from his seal, the volcano in Alsandra Mountain erupted, causing a tremor that made Sand Land sink in the ground, and the ashes of the volcano caused a plague. When Sandra's son became ill, he decides to search for a cure and talked with the elder Sandra living in the Haunted Forest near the village, which tells him about a legendary "Dream Medicine" (Sun Cure in Europe) that can cure any decease. To obtain it, Sandra must obtain seven light crystals (光のかけら Hikari no Kakera?) and take them to the Endless Desert, the elder having one of crystals. Sandra manages to leave the village and befriends Zul and Andy, along other persons, who help him in his quest.


Picture Name Description
Kurino Sandra
(クリノ・サンドラ, known as Whirlo in Europe)
The main character. He travels around the world with a pitchfork to find a cure for his deceased son.
Zul (ズール, Slick in Europe) A thief that likes to obtain easy money. He was captured by the Quarkman tribe, but Sandra freed him.
Andy (アンディ) A pink Quarkman (Cualkman in Europe) that is forced to work for the King of the Crescent Moon.
Sabine (サビーヌ, Steven in Europe) Andy's children. Sabine was captured by the King of the Crescent Moon so Andy would work for him. Sandra manages to save Sabine, but before falling, the king cast a meteor shower and they got separated. Sabine later meets with Andy again.
Zouna (ゾウナ, Malix in Europe) The main antagonist, responsible for what is happening to Sand Land.
Elder An elder Sandra living in the Haunted Forest that tells Kurino Sandra about the Dream Medicine and the seven Light Crystals.
Makkou Kujira
(マッコウクジラ, called only as Whale in Europe)
A stranded whale that is helped by Sandra. As thanks, the whale transports him to the pirate ship and later saves him when the ship sank. If the player decide to search for Buck, the whale will take Sandra to the area the ship sank.
The princess of Cauldera Castle. When her boyfriend Nicol disappeared, she began to cry endlessly and is flooding the area. Her appearance and personality changes depending of the player's answer to Gramps' question in his dock.

(ニコル, Nick in Europe)
Nicol is the name of several persons in Cauldera Castle.
The tallest Nicol is the boyfriend of princess Tiana. He is an adventurer, a good pan flute player, and loves kappa cucumbers, which the princess has in large amounts. When the light crystal he gave to the princess as a present was lost, he left the castle to search for it. If the princess is beautiful, he actually leaves to search it, but if she is ugly, he leaves to look for beautiful women, and tries to convince Sandra to forget his quest and look for the women with him.
The four short Nicols are tricksters that try to fool Sandra. One person in the castle gives hints on how to identify the Nicol Sandra is looking for, giving him five sake (tea in Europe) to give to them. One of the short Nicols is a master viola player, and depending of the player's action, he will teach Tarou.
(ひなげし, Peppy in Europe)
A young girl which father and mother had died and lives with her grandmother, which wants to see her married before she passes away. When she asks Sandra who she should marry, the player's choice will determine if she will marry Toto or Gady.
(トト, Buck in Europe)
Known as the master of whirling blades, Toto is an except knife thrower that makes juggling shows, being able to juggle his knives with his eyes closed. In one part of the game, he is captured by pirates and Sandra frees him, but he doesn't manage to escape when the ship sank, staying adrift on its remains. Depending of the player's choices, Sandra may search for him in the sea and takes him to Tree Island, where he uses his blade to cure the trees. If Sandra doesn't go after him, he is rescue by another ship. He may marry Hinageshi depending of the player's choices.
Gady (ガディ, Grady in Europe) A carpenter. He created Gramps' ship and is later seem fixing the pirate ship, which sank. He manages to swim until Tree Island, and works on Pops' house. When Sandra attempts to reach an area, he convinces Gady to build a bridge for him. He may marry Hinageshi depending of the player's choices.
Tarou (たろう, Nubs in Europe) A young kappa that dreams to become a viola player, but his father wants him to follow the family business and become a cucumber farmer. The player's actions will determine if he will be a viola player or a cucumber farmer.
Pops (おやじ) Tarou's father, an aged kappa cucumber farmer that wants his son to take over the family business.
Granny (おババ) Hinageshi's grandmother.
Gramps (ジジ) An aged man in Cauldera Castle that asked Gady to build a ship for him. He takes the princess to Sandra and Nicol after Enmaconda's defeat, but the ship is attacked by pirates and sunk.
Pixie (ピクシー) Pixies are short human-like creatures with pointy ears. During his travel, Sandra meets a pair of Pixies that have a child.
Fairy (フェアリー, mistranslated as Ferry in Europe) Fairies are small winged human-like creatures. When Sandra arrives in Tree Island, he helps a Fairy that got hurt. After helping the people in the island, some fairies carry him to Neverland.
(シザース, Sizus in Europe)
One Scissors that appears to be dehydrated appears in a valley in Sand Land. When Sandra makes water fall on Scissors, it releases bubbles, which Sandra uses to leave the village.




European version sprite
  • Sandra/Whirlo's face was changed in the European version to make him look more serious.

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