For the Xevious series protagonist ship, see List of Xevious units#Solvalou.

Solvalou (ソルバルウ Sorubarou?) is a first-person shooter arcade game released in 1991 by Namco in Japan only. It is the fourth game in the Xevious series of games and runs on Namco System 21 hardware (also known as "Polygzier"). Solvalou is the name of the player's ship in the Xevious series, and many of the enemies appear as either 2D sprites or 3D models. It is the only Xevious game to use a 360-degree joystick and to display accuracy on the high-score table. The game was ported to the Wii Virtual Console in 2009, and uses the Wii Remote to move the crosshair to mimic the 360-degree joystick.


The player controls the titular spacecraft by moving the 360-degree joystick. Much like real aircraft, pushing up moves the Solvalou down, and pushing down makes the Solvalou move up. The player uses the buttons to shoot the air-zapper at air targets, and bombs at ground targets. The player doesn't directly control the Solvalou; as it is a rail-shooter, the player can only move the crosshair. The player travels through normal outdoor stages, an ocean port, an enemy base, and outer space (a type of stage Xevious 3D/G would do later on). The Andor Genesis appears as a level boss, while the final level features a new boss, Garu Andor Genesis. If the player shoots at a specific area, the player can reveal a Sol that can be destroyed for bonus points, or a Special Flag, which the player will earn an extra life.

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