250px-StarLuster boxart

Family Computer box art for Star Luster

Star Luster (スターラスター, Sutā Rasutā) is a space combat simulation game released on December 6, 1985 in Japan for the Nintendo Family Computer. Star Luster was brought into arcades for the Nintendo VS Arcade System, titled VS Star Luster, and was later ported to the Sharp X68000 in 1994. Star Luster was later ported to the PlayStation as part of Namco Anthology 1, which included a graphically enhanced version. Star Luster received a sequel for the PlayStation known as Star Ixiom in 1998. Star Luster was included as a bonus game with Battle City and Xevious in the Japanese version of Star Fox Assault, and was ported to the Wii Virtual Console in Japan on March 4, 2008, and the 3DS Virtual Console on November 27, 2013.The player's ship, the GAIA, was later made into a figurine by Yujin for Shooting Game Historica 2. Star Luster and Star Ixiom were later retconned in 2011 for Namco's U.G.S.F universe.

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