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Starblade: Operation Blue Planet (スターブレード オペレーションブループラネット Sutāburēdo: Operēshon Buru Puranetto?) is an unreleased 3D rail shooter arcade game shown at the AUO Expo in Japan by Namco in 2001; it ran on Namco System 234 hardware, and was intended as the sequel to Starblade, released a decade earlier. The game utilized Namco's "O.R.B.S" (Over Reality Booster System) arcade cabinet, which featured a domed projector screen and retractable seat. The game never made it past field testing, and was later canned along with the O.R.B.S cabinet. In 2011, Bandai Namco retconned the game (along with the original) for their "United Galaxy Space Force" universe.


The player controlled the "GeoCalibur" spacefighter, and must make their way to the enemy fortress "Megamouth" and carrier unit "TRITON", while gunning down enemies and projectiles. Much like the original, the GeoCalibur has a health meter, and once that meter is depleted, the game will be over. The end of the game's demo featured a cameo appearance by the Commander, the main antagonist of the original.

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