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Super Adventure Game (スーパーアドベンチャーゲーム?) is a series of gamebooks published by Tokyo Sogensha between 1985-1992, some of its works including stories based on Namco games, Back to the Future, and Dumarest saga; Japanese translations of Sorcery! and Dragon Warriors; and original stories like the series Neverland and Wolf Head no Bōken.

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Xevious (ゼビウス?) was released in 1985.

The Tower of DruagaEdit

The Tower of Druaga (ドルアーガの塔?) is a book series written by Naoto Suzuki in 1986 divided in three volumes: Akuma ni Mise rareshi Sha (悪魔に魅せられし者? roughly "The One Enchanted by the Demon"), Maguu no Yūsha Tachi (魔宮の勇者たち? "The Braves of the Demon's Palace") and Makai no Metsubou (魔界の滅亡? "Downfall of the Infernal Realm"). Each volume contains 20 floors from the Tower of Druaga. The "Adventure Game Novel" gamebook series re-released volume 1 in 2007 and volume 2 in 2008 with a few changes.

Dragon BusterEdit

Dragon Buster (ドラゴンバスター?) was released in 1987.

Valkyrie no BōkenEdit

Valkyrie no Bōken (ワルキューレの冒険?) is a book series released in three volumes: Meikyū no Dragon (迷宮のドラゴン? roughly "The Dragon's Maze"), Pyramid no Nazo (ピラミッドの謎 Piramiddo no Nazo?, "The Enigma of the Pyramid"), and Toki no Kagi Densetsu (時の鍵伝説? "The Legend of the Key of Time").

The Quest of KiEdit

The Quest of Ki (カイの冒険 Kai no Bōken?) was released in 1990.



  • Some content from the three The Tower of Druaga game books were used in Namco × Capcom, like the "Iranistan's Oil" and the "Metasequoia Leaf". Chapters 35 to 37 share the same title of the three volumes.

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