Susumu in Mr. Driller: Drill Spirits

Susumu Hori (ホリ・ススム Hori Susumu) is the main character from the Mr. Driller series. Susumu is a kind and courageous 14 years old Driller that lives in a round house in Edogawa, Tokyo. He is the highest ranked Driller in the world. He was born in March 3. His blood type is O.[1] Susumu is the son of Taizo Hori and Masuyo Tobi, and brother of Ataru Hori and Taiyo Tobi. He has a talking dog called Puchi.

Susumu Hori appears as a guest character in the Namco Motorcycle racing game, Moto GP 3, where he is an unlockable character and he even has his own bike.


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