Note about titleEdit

Many sites use Soulcalibur, including Wikipedia and the Soul wiki, but I think that SoulCalibur should be used, because that's how it appears in most logos, it has the same name of the Soul Calibur weapon (I actually prefer this one, but considering that the name together is the most used even in official sources... whatever), and there are official instances of it being shortened as "SC". Also, official sources only show "SOULCALIBUR", never in lower case as "SoulCalibur" or "Soulcalibur" (except for the first "Soul Calibur" manual), so unless someone things the wiki should use "SOULCALIBUR" or can provide official sources with lowercase names (not including "soulcalibur" and the official "SoulCalibur" Facebook page, as it used all these spellings), "SoulCalibur" should have a high caliber priority here. --Quick (ut) 22:53, February 26, 2014 (UTC)

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