Tekken advance

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Tekken Advance (鉄拳アドバンス 鉄拳アドバンス?) is a fighting game developed and released by Namco for the Game Boy Advance on December 21, 2001 in Japan, and on January 28, 2002 in North America. It is the seventh title in the Tekken series, and the second title for a portable system (after Tekken Card Challenge); despite this, the game is non-canon to the main series.


Gameplay is very similar to previous entries in the Tekken series, however because of the console's limited number of buttons, the controls were simplified; the A button punches, the B kicks, and the triggers are used for tagging and throwing. To recreate the 3D mapping of pervious installments, the game features a "side-step" feature, which stretches the map when a player moves towards the edge of the screen.


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