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Tenkaichi Bushi: Keru Naguuru (天下一武士 ケルナグール?) is a Action video game published by Namco for Famicom(Nintendo Entertainment System) in 1989.


There is a Versus Mode that uses a character prepared in advance and a Training Mode that moves a vast Map View. In the latter, you can visit City and Dojo and Temple for Training and Match (the same system as Versus Mode), or you can increase the number of Arts by accumulating the usage requested by hermits who are not related to Kung-fu. Playing Game Flavored Versus Fighting Action Game.

By defeating Enemy in each Catsle, you can get the title of "Kenshi", and by connecting the words that can be acquired at the same time and entering it in Password View, it becomes Ending, but apart from this, Legendary Kenshi named "Tao Tyler" Defeating him is also a goal for Player. Protagonist Status and Game progress are saved in Password, which allows you to use Characters raised in Training Mode in Versus Mode.

The main Battle Scene will switch to Character's Big Side View. Despite the considerable number of characters, there is only one type of Character graphic in Battle Scene. All Character It is a simplified specification that only the color of clothes is different with the same face and the same body, but the variety of techniques and the smoothness of the motion of movement were high at that time.


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