The Blue Crystal Rod Cover

Box art

The Blue Crystal Rod (ザ・ブルークリスタルロッド) is a adventure game released in 1994 for Super Famicom only in Japan. The Blue Crystal Rod is the title of the game, and the story is titled The Destiny of Gilgamesh (ギルガメスの道).


The game takes place right after The Return of Ishtar, with Gilgamesh and Ki leaving the remains of the Tower of Druaga with the Blue Crystal Rod, and they talk with Ishtar. Gil and Ki must find a way to deliver the Blue Crystal Rod back to Anu in the sky, and they travel by several locations to find a way to do so, which include a desert, a forest, a mountain, a labyrinth, a cave, and the Sumer Empire. The player's choices will affect the destiny of Gil, Ki, and Babylim, having over 40 endings.


This video shows the entire seires from Tower of Druaga [episode 1] to The Blue Crystal Rod [episode 4]

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