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Time Crisis (タイムクライシス Taimu Kuraishisu?) is a light-gun arcade shooting game made by Namco in 1996. It was later ported for PlayStation in 1997 and as part of the collection "Gunvari Collection + Time Crisis" for PlayStation 2.


The target of the game is that the player must shoot the enemies in an area in a limited time only. For the player to hide and avoid enemy attacks, the player must take of his/her foot off the lever on the floor and if the player wants to shoot again he/she has to step on the lever again. If the screen says "RELOAD", that means the player is out of bullets and must hide and reload the gun. If the screen says "DANGER", something will hurt the player so the player must hide and avoid it. If the player is hit by an enemy there will be a red explosive like shape on the screen. The player's remaining lives are shown on the bottom of the screen. If the player gets hurt, one of the player's lives disappear. If all lives disappear or time runs out the continue screen will appear, If the player wants to continue, he/she must insert another coin and will be able to continue by shooting "YES", but there is a limited time so if time runs out the game is automatically over or if the player doesn't want to play anymore the player can shoot "NO". After defeating all the enemies on screen the player's time extend. At the end of each stage there will be a boss battle. After the defeat of the boss the player will go to the next stage.

In "Time Crisis" only the pistol is used and only one player is available, but when the sequel was made "Time Crisis II" the weapons Machine Gun, Shot Gun and Grenade Launcher were added. To switch guns the player must hide and press the shoot button on the gun, but the three new weapons has only limited ammo so if the player used up all the bullets the gun is unusable anymore, but the pistol has infinite bullets so the player must defeat an enemy and get the bullets for the three guns. Two players are now available in the game but if the player accidentally shoot the partner his points lower and one of the partners lives disappear. The game continued this way with the following sequels "Time Crisis III" and "Time Crisis IV".

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