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Please note that Morvin's infomation on my page is unofficial as his relationships with Mappy is unknown and he's unnamed. Micky, Mikey, and Mimi are the Meowkies.


File:Orange Mappy (Mappy Arrangement).png
Created: 1995
Creators: Namco
Series: Mappy series
Species: Mouse
Game Info
In Games: Mappy Arrangement

Morvin is a fictional character who is an anthropomorhic mouse in the Mappy series. He is the friendly rival of Mappy. Morvin's first and only appearance was in Mappy Arrangement.


Morvin is a white mice who wears a police attire similar to Mappy's but colored in orange. He wears black shade sunglasses, if he removes them from his eyes, it reveals that he has green irises.


After the timeline events of Hopping Mappy, Morvin joined to become a police however he wasn't teaming up with Mappy though some installments of the Mappy series until Mappy Arrangement.


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