Masuyo Rebooted: The Generation of Baraduke ( 益代のアップグレード: バラデュークの生成)

Soundtracks list

Create the soundtracks for end credits. Download here:

1.) Masuyo Rebooted- By Tynek Lenard:

2.)Baraduke Music, it's on the game in 8-bit- By Namco

3.)Namco Museum Baraduke remix- By Namco

4.)Party buster- Not made.

5.)Wubbzy, all theme to four characters- Not made.

6.)Treaspassing the Closters- Not made.

7.)The Virus- by Hard Trance Techno:

8.) The Missing Character- Not made.

9.)Data complete- Not made.

10.)Muki Jubneky Theme- Not made.

11.)Vendetta's Flashback Virus- Not made.

12.)Spring flowers- Not made.

13.)Get away!- Not made.

13.5.)Dig Dug Islanders

14.)Dark Hills- Not made.

Eye of the Tiger- By The Survivor

15.)Space History- Not made.

16.)Make your choice- Not made.

17.)Bad ending- Not made.

18.)Shut Down the antana- Not made.

19.)Vendetta Virus- Not made.

20.)The last countenued- Not made.

21.)The series has return - Not made.

22.)The Perfect Ending, when Masuyo return back to Baraduke the the Dig Dug and Mr.Driller is now countenueding- Not made.

23.) End credit from the VEVO, I need a song to the end credits.

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