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Valkyrie in Project X Zone 2


Marvel Land

Fighting Style:

Sword Fighting, Magic








Zouna, Kamuz

Voice Actor:

Kikuko Inoue (Japanese)

[1]Valkyrie (ワルキューレ Warukyūre?), also romanized as Walküre ("Valkyrie" in German) in Japan,[1] is the protagonist of the Valkyrie series.


Valkyrie is the child of a god and lives in the sky. When Marvel Land was in great danger because of the evil Zouna, the maiden Valkyrie descended from the skies in Valkyrie no Bōken: Toki no Kagi Densetsu to stop the Demon King. She faced many perils and befriended several allies like Kurino Sandra during her quest (having a short appearance in Sandra no Daibōken: Valkyrie to no Deai). Valkyrie passed by different continents until she reached Zouna's domain. After Zouna's defeat, Valkyrie returned to the skies.

In Valkyrie no Densetsu, Valkyrie descends from the sky once again, this time to stop the evil Kamuz. She is joined by Sandra to recover the Golden Seed.


Namco × Capcom - Crosspedia[]

A warrior maiden in service to the Goddess who rules the Heavens. While she has the strength of conviction to bravely face down whatever challenges confront her, she is also possessed of a merciful and meek personality, and is always very polite.
In battle she uses her exceptional sword skills and a variety of magic to attack. When the Demon King Zouna revived and peresecuted the people of the Earth she stood against and ultimately defeated him.
After that, the Demon Kamuz also appeared, stealing from the mortals the "golden seeds" that grant any wish and seeking to use them to rule the world. Valkyrie descended to Earth again to face this new crisis and restore peace, and after a long battle manage to seal Kamuz away.

Other appearances[]

Valkyrie appears as a playable character in the games Namco Super Wars, The Glory of Walküre, Namco × Capcom, Druaga Online: The Story of Aon, Namco Chronicle, and Project X Zone.

Valkyrie also appears in other media related to her, and has cameo appearances in several Namco games like Marvel Land, Seme COM Dungeon: Drururuaga, Sugoroku Adventure: The Tower of Druaga, some games from the Tales series, as an alternate costume for Cassandra in Soul Calibur II, and other games.

In the Tales series Valkyrie is usually a optional boss fight, but in Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeonseries she is playable as a outfit for the female protagonist. In Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 2 she can be found in the Tower of Ordels. Here the player can challenge her to obtain the key of time which is her root. In Tales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 3 she is a story boss, her root in that game is Gungnir the Legendary Spear of the Gods.

Valkyrie is the main character in the Walküre manga series and the Valkyrie webcomic from ShiftyLook.

List of game appearances[]

This is a list of game appearances for Valkyrie. References, such as costumes, are not counted.

Title Year System
Valkyrie no Bōken: Toki no Kagi Densetsu 1986 Nintendo Entertainment System
Valkyrie no Densetsu 1989 Arcade
Namco Super Wars 2002 Wonderswan Color
Namco × Capcom 2005 PlayStation 2
Druaga Online: The Story of Aon 2006 Arcade
The Glory of Walküre 2007 Mobile, Android
The Glory of Walküre 2 2009 Mobile
Namco Chronicle 2009 Mobile
Pro Baseball Famista 2011 2011 Nintendo 3DS
Project X Zone 2012 Nintendo 3DS
Namco High 2013 Browser
Famista Dream Match 2015 Android
Project X Zone 2 2015 Nintendo 3DS
Valkyrie Anatomia: The Origin 2016 Android, iOS
Alien Egg 2018 Android, iOS
Graffiti Smash 2020 Android, iOS



  1. Both "Valkyrie" and "Walküre" are used in Japan, Walküre being present in more recent media like The Glory of Walküre and Druaga Online: The Story of Aon.

Valkyrie Anatomia - Valkyrie (Valkyrie no Bouken: Toki no Kagi Densetsu Collab) Gameplay

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