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Valkyrie no Densetsu arcade flyer.

Walküre no Densetsu (ワルキューレの伝説 Warukyūre no Densetsu?, lit. "The Legend of Valkyrie") is a 1989 arcade game from the Valkyrie series. The game was ported for the PC Engine in 1990 and both the arcade and PCE versions were released for the Wii's Virtual Console between 2008 and 2009. The arcade version is also part of the game collection Namco Museum Vol. 5, being the only time it was released outside Japan. The game features Valkyrie and Kurino Sandra in a quest to recover the Golden Seed and bring it to the North Spring.


Player one controls Valkyrie and uses a sword while player two controls Krino Sandra and uses a trident. The players can also find items and improved weapons or buy them with Zul, and it's possible to find different types of magic that can be used by holding down the attack button.


Note that in the PC Engine version, stages 5 and 6 are swapped and Black Valkyrie appears before the battle against Kamuz.

Stage Boss
1 サンドランド
(Sand Land)
Twin Girasu
2 炎の大地
("Land of Flames")
Boss Trent
3 マグマの洞窟
("Magma Cave")
Magma Dokusasu
4 黄金の城跡
("Golden Castle")
5 さいはての村
("Faraway Village")
Ice Blockers
6 氷の洞窟
("Ice Cave")
7 北の大地
("Northern Land")
8 地球内部
("Earth's Interior")



  • The game was originally planned to have four playable characters, with the Quarkman being considered as a third playable character. Other ideas included having four Valkyries with different colors, either as their own characters (a green Valkyrie representing life, a red one representing light, and a blue representing wisdom) or with the main Valkyrie being able to split into four by using magic. Additionally, an evil Black Valkyrie was considered as an antagonist, the idea being later used in the PC Engine port.[1]

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