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Walküre no Densetsu Gaiden: Rosa no Bōken

Walküre no Densetsu Gaiden: Rosa no Bōken (ワルキューレの伝説 外伝 ローザの冒険? lit. "The Legend of Valkyrie Gaiden: The Adventure of Rosa") is a computer digital comic (an adventure game focused on the story, having low interaction) released by Namco for Windows in April 26, 1996.


The Great Goddess gives Rosa the task to go after the monster Tōrushin in a floating island in the skies of Marvel Land.


Character Voice actor
Roza Rosa (ローザ) Masami Suzuki
The main character, a cheerful girl that admires Valkyrie. She goes to the floating island alongside Valkyrie to stop Tōrushin.
Valk Valkyrie (ワルキューレ, Walküre) Aya Hisakawa
Rosa's partner. The Great Goddess ordered her to accompany Rosa, helping her in case she gets into trouble.
Viol Violette (ヴィオレット) Emi Shinohara
A warrior responsible for protecting the floating island.
OoMegami Great Goddess (大女神) Ai Orikasa
The great goddess from heaven. She dispatches Rosa and Valkyrie to the floating island.
Sand Bianca (ビアンカ) Satomi Kōrogi
A kind-hearted Sandra girl that is researching plants in the floating island.
Koak Michelle (ミシェール) Megumi Ogata
A Quarkman that went to the floating island to research magic. At first glance appears to be a handsome boy, and Rosa develops a crush on Michelle, but Michelle's gender is unknown.
Tōrushin (トールシン)
The antagonist, an evil being that was sealed on heaven, but escaped to the floating island and began transforming people into stuffed toys.
Mayu Shirakawa, Hiroko Sakakibara, Yū Asakawa, Kaoru Fujino,
Satomi Yoshida, Hitomi Miyajima, Chiharu Tezuka, Mayumi Ono,
Kaori Mizuhashi and Chiemi Chiba
Narration (ナレーション)
Muramu Sume (ムラム・スメ)
Sanzā (サンザー) A, B and C
Kōichi Yamadera




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