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Waya Princess in Namco × Capcom

Ha! You're going to be beaten. - Waya Princess

Waya Princess (わや姫 Waya Hime?, also named Princess Waya) is a female ninja android created by Dr. Bomb that appears as a boss in the game Bravoman. She attacks by throwing blades and uses a fire jutsu.

Other appearances

Waya Princess also appears both as an enemy and a playable character in the game Namco × Capcom. At first she works for Dr. Bomb, but after the events from Chapter 27 she decides to join the heroes, teaming up with Taki.

She also has a cameo appearance in the game Marvel Land.

She also appears in Bravoman comics as well as the Bravoman animated series on youtube.


  • In "Bravoman's Secret Game", Alpha Man says that Waya's three sizes are 88-54-87 in the Japanese PC Engine version.