Wonder Momo arcade flyer.

Wonder Momo (ワンダーモモ Wandā Momo?) is an arcade game released in 1987 only in Japan. The game was also released for PC Engine (TurboGrafx-16) and Virtual Console, and is part of the Namco Museum Encore compilation for PlayStation. The players takes control of Momo, a pop idol girl who has the extraordinary ability to turn into a wonder girl (hence the game's title).


Vol. 1: "Fear! The Monster Army" (恐怖!怪人軍団?)

  • Act 1 boss: Crab Fencer
  • Act 2 boss: Jugrock
  • Act 3 boss: Shamoan
  • Act 4 boss: Tirano

Vol. 2: "Mystery of the Blood Sucking Flower" (吸血フラワーの謎?)

  • Act 1 boss: Acroball
  • Act 2 boss: Cannon Potter
  • Act 3 boss: Two Jugrocks
  • Act 4 boss: Mother Queen

Vol. 3: "Schoolgirl Attacked" (狙われた女教師?)

  • Act 1 boss: Two Crab Fencers and Shamoan
  • Act 2 boss: Two Acroballs
  • Act 3 boss: Amazona, two Crab Fencers and Cannon Potter
  • Act 4 boss: Turbonoid

Vol. 4: "Transformation! The Final Battle" (変身!最終決戦?)

  • Act 1 boss: Two Jugrocks and Acroball
  • Act 2 boss: Amazona and Shamoan
  • Act 3 boss: Acroball and two Cannon Potters
  • Act 4 boss: Mozu and Huge Tank

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