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Wonder Momo
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Warudemon Army, Lecherous Photographers

Japanese Voice Actors:

Ayako Kawasumi (Namco × Capcom)
Haruko Momoi (Queen's Gate: Spiral Chaos)

Momo redirects here. For the Xenosaga character, see M.O.M.O.

Wonder Momo (ワンダーモモ Wandā Momo?), real name Kanda Momo (神田桃?), is the main character from the game Wonder Momo. She is the star of the Wonder Momo show from Namco Theater, where she interprets a super hero that fights against the evil Warudemon army.

Other appearances[]

Wonder Momo appears as a playable character in the games Namco Super Wars, Namco × Capcom, and Queen's Gate: Spiral Chaos. She has cameo appearances in Marvel Land, in the first episode of the anime The Tower of Druaga: The Aegis of Uruk, and as a costume for Mell in Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon X. She also appears in Pro Yakyuu Famista 2011.

Momo is voiced by Ayako Kawasumi in Namco × Capcom and by Haruko Momoi in Queen's Gate: Spiral Chaos.



Wonder Momo in Queen's Gate: Spiral Chaos.

Momo is able to perform high jumps and attacks with kicks.

  • Wonder Kick (ワンダーキック?) - A powerful kick. Named Momo Kick in Namco Super Wars.
  • Jump Kick (ジャンプキック?) - An aerial kick. Named Jumping Kick in Queen's Gate: Spiral Chaos.
  • Double Kick (ダブルキック?) - When looking forward, Momo can kick in two directions while crouching or jumping.
  • Transformation - When looking forward, Momo can spin at high speed to transform into Wonder Momo. She can also transform by entering the whirlwind that appears in most stages. As Wonder Momo, her armor protects her from weak projectiles, jump higher, and perform additional attacks.

The following attacks can only be used by Momo when she is transformed.

  • Wonder Ring (ワンダーリング?) - Wonder Momo throws a bouncing hula hoop-like weapon. Named Momo Ring in Namco Super Wars.
  • Wonder Shot (ワンダーショット?) - By taking an item, Wonder Momo will be able to shot beams for a short period.
  • Wonder Typhoon (ワンダータイフーン?) - When Wonder Momo gets an item, she will start spinning and shots several times in different directions.
  • Seiki no Kokoro (せいきのこころ? roughly "Animated Heart") - Exclusive to Namco Super Wars. Momo's attack and defense increases.
  • The Heroine Show (ザ・ヒロインショー?) - Exclusive to Queen's Gate: Spiral Chaos. Momo attacks with several Wonder Rings, Wonder Typhoon, and finishes with a Wonder Kick.

List of game appearances[]

This is a list of game appearances for Wonder Momo. References, such as costumes, are not counted.

Title Year System
Wonder Momo 1987 Arcade
Namco × Capcom 2005 PlayStation 2
Queen's Gate: Spiral Chaos 2011 PlayStation Portable
Pro Baseball Famista 2011 2011 Nintendo 3DS
Famista Dream Match 2015 Android
Alien Egg 2018 Android, iOS


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