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MSX2 cover.

Xevious: Fardraut Saga (ゼビウス ファードラウト伝説 Zebious Fādorauto Densetsu?, roughly "Xevious: Fardraut Legend") is the name of two different Xevious games released only in Japan for MSX2 in 1988 and PC Engine in 1990.

MSX2 version[]

The MSX2 version of the game has two gameplay modes:

  • Recon: The original Xevious with improved graphics. In AD 2012, the ship Solvalou is sent to recognize the invading forces in point 72.26 in South America.
  • Scramble: The story from Fardraut Saga. The last Solvalou from the recon squadron was destroyed. To stop the Xevious army, the Earth Defense Organization created the ship Gampmission by combining the ships Solvalou, Solgrado, and Zeodalley. The player can choose any of them in any order to be used throughout the game.

PC Engine version[]

PC Engine cover.

Like the MSX2 version, the PC Engine version contains two gameplay modes: Arcade (the original Xevious) and Fardraut (the PC Engine story).

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